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Farbbeeinflussung durch ND Filter?

Color influence of ND filters?

Frage von Auf Achse:
Oktober 2010


I've noticed that tends to use the ND filter, the yellow tinge to the picture. Both the built-in ND, the XH-A1, as synonymous as synonymous with the HV 40 is screwed on the Panasonic ND 707th
Before I A / B comparisons with / without making me ask if you can confirm or deny ...

Thanks and regards,
On axis

Antwort von moke:

That would be a topic of misconduct.
What does the N in ND again? ;-)

I can not experience in nature (either for or against), but I am on before / after pictures tense.

Antwort von Mantas:

Maybe, experienced very often. the cheaper the more unneutral:)

Antwort von Auf Achse:

"Mantas" wrote:
the cheaper the more unneutral:)

The internal, the XH A1 I can not assess quality, and not synonymous of the Automatic HV40. The SD 707 has a B + W which I would not count on cheap junk.
I noticed the yellow cast when using different strengths of ND in the XH A1. I have filmed Outdoor The same motif of different sides and different brightness (manual WB). So I could stay at 1 / 50 shutter at Aperture, I used four different strengths ND. Without ND is white really white, at ND 1 / 32, heading into yellow.
This is me with some third shots from other cameras synonymous already struck. Especially in light stratus with bright, hazy sky. However, I can not evaluate with what settings are these recordings came about and whether these cameras had automatic NDs.

On axis

Antwort von soan:

At (older) broadcast Bodies have the filter part, a coloring - Filter D for about 6000 Kelvin for example, Orange is vaporized by the camera at the White balance in keeping.

Thus, it has to do any thing? Maybe yes is the user guide "is anyway of optimized filter for use with artificial light" OAE. That would explain certain color casts.

Modern Bodies now have two filter wheels, one with ND and the other with A, B, C, D Cross, 3200K, 4300K, 6600K eg OAE.

Antwort von Pianist:

"Soan" wrote:
At (older) broadcast Bodies have the filter part, a coloring - Filter D for about 6000 Kelvin for example, Orange is vaporized by the camera at the White balance in keeping.

Thus, it has to do any thing? Maybe yes is the user guide "is anyway of optimized filter for use with artificial light" OAE. That would explain certain color casts.

That would explain a rather forgotten White Balance ... :-)

But is it really as you say: There used to be mostly a filter, usually with four filters. How were the shows that was to Manufacturer Manufacturer of different ways. In Ikegami it was so that the filter was 1 of the artificial light filter, practically all clear, then filter was 2 with conversion and high neutral density, then filter 3 with conversion and low neutral density and eventually filter 4, such as filter 1 for artificial light, but with asterisk-Effect.

Today is distributed to the two filter wheels, one for conversion and one for the neutral densities. But it is crucial how the camera behaves in terms of both White Balance memory A and B. Previously it was always with Sony so that at any position filter wheel, an A and a B has been saved. In Ikegami it was so that only one A and one B was stored so that they could manipulate through the Color Rotate the filter wheel. With today Ikegami cameras can adjust the menu to behave like the memory.

For example, if the memory is not with the filter wheel is coupled, you can do to filter 3, a White in daylight, and if one then turns to Filter 1, the picture is blue. Or a White makes to filter 1 pivots on filter 3 and the Picture is yellow. If I am shuttled between inside and outside earlier, I have the white for a filter on A and the white for filters 2 and 3 set to B. Then you have to think just because, in each case to switch both.

Today I programmed the camera so that it remembers for each filter two whites. A memory I have on at filter A (Tungsten) standard 3600 Kelvin store that fits exactly to my Akkufunzel. In filter B (my usual filters for daylight, there is one) I have on memory A standard measured 5800 Kelvin, the fits of May to October for outside forever. B filter I use for all different situations because so keep other values are on it, while I O memory never touch them.

As far as my little white balance filter usage history.


Antwort von WoWu:

@ On-axis
Before I A / B comparisons with / without making me ask if you can confirm or deny ...

Your observation is absolutely correct.
You can not just look at the error but the reverse ND filter, which sits in front of the sensor.
If you look at times the course of such a filter s.den corners of the visible light spectrum, you'll see that achieve (especially in the red range) changes in the amounts of charge sensor. The coloration is not the cause than by the additional filter, but with a different spread of the color distribution in the critical region.
Incidentally, this is synonymous with a renewed White balance can not be removed completely. Rather, shifts the spectrum only einwenig.
Therefore, my recommendation always synonymous, with strong use of ND: always with HotMirror work and the use not only HotMirror but s.720 s.750 nm nm.
(Admittedly, this is not possible with camcorders and synonymous to expensive, but this was more synonymous with the clarification of the cause).
So as the HV40 and 707 users you will probably have to live with.

Antwort von Valentino:

The theme of ND filter for digital cameras could be enough for an entire thesis.

Such color distortions are s.alter and respective Manufacturer of the filters.
Recently I had a 6x6 glass filter of Schneider in the hand, the sol had a yellowish cast, which the B-Camera Picture warmer than the A-Camera (with Tiffen) had.
Depending on the camera and recording format corrects this error by the White Balance or films a Frabtafel s.and fits both images in the mail.

With the Canon I would immediately resolve the local White Balance and gray card because HDV correction has not much headroom for a Color.
For high-quality formats such as XDCAM 4:2:2 AVC-I, or we can customize something synonymous safely in the mail, but do not forget the Frabtafel synonymous here.

Next to all the color cast of the ND filter is synonymous Effect of IR observed (s.ND9 is black to dark magenta -> Frabverschiebung by the IR component), which one only gets the right IRCut filter before the ND filter in the handle .
These filters are synonymous as ND combination and occasionally have a slight green cast that can be rectified by a magenta shift.

Antwort von WoWu:

You can customize something synonymous safely in the mail

Unfortunately not, because the red range (usually) already has become blurred by the effect.

Antwort von Auf Achse:

@ WoWu: Thanks for your as always very scientific achievement!

I forgot to mention that I s.der XH A1 has been used Heliopan 103. I have to fast not even found on their website if it blocks s.720nm already, maybe someone knows ...

However, I have found while foraging for another thread 103er. The described blue cast, I noticed synonymous.

Antwort von Auf Achse:

On the Heliopan Page to find a diagram for multiple filters. I can read but can not figure out which diagram corresponds to which filter ...

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