Infoseite // Complete, colorful person in the Black and white film - Pleasantville

Frage von KidKiller Prod:


I've looked at once again yesterday Pleasantville. Now I ask myself how to colorize all people in a SW movie. I could not imagine any einzellne new person to mask frame by frame, or for motion tracking, etc. to use. How was it done?

Thanks in advance


Antwort von Schleichmichel:

Was rotated in Color. There is a rotation synonymous report in "American Cinematographer".

Nice movie, huh?


Antwort von Stefan:

On the original DVD is a making-of synonymous. In it, the (very expensive) procedures will be explained.

Good luck
The thick Stefan


Antwort von Uwe:

Important in such stories are, of course, even the preparations + settings during shooting => light, colors of clothing and environment ... etc.

With Premiere Pro, there is an effect "Color Matching", with which it is easy + fast.

Here times a tutorial for Final Cut Pro with the color correction (can be quickly transferred to other programs):


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