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Frage von hendrikm:

Hi, I make motion graphics with high-resolution product photos.

The product is first completely visible and it hosts various events. Then want to zoom to details, while the process continues.

My approach so far:
-There is a composition of "1" with complete product picture and the animations. It is not scaled or moved.
- The composition "1" I use in a second composition, "2" in order to simulate movement of camera movements and scaling of a zoom. but when I increase the zoom factor of more than 100%, decreases the quality of the image, although the original footage item (= the product intake) would have enough data.

Send to composition "1", the trips I would be too complicated, because here are a dozen objects / layers are used. That's why I was glad "2" on my thoughts flash inKomposition everything can move at the same scale. Unfortunately, the so not true.

For tips, ideas and solutions I am very grateful!

Thanks, Hendrik


Antwort von 2B:

You can either do the song "1" larger. Then you have to scale does not exceed 100%.
Or you create in composition "1" a camera, with which you animate the rides and the zoom.
Or you switch in composition "2" switch "fold transformation" of composition "1" (see screenshot). That should work synonymous, I have now but not tried.


edit: I am just occurred: You can submit in composition "1" everything to a null object and animate this.


Antwort von Mylenium:

As I said, would be "Collapse Transformations" definitely worth a try. However, there might komemn unexpected similar studies, because it changes the order of calculation of masks, effects, and of course synonymous Blendmodi and shifts are possible if the anchor points are not accurate. Parenting with null object would certainly be better then ...



Antwort von hendrikm:

THANK YOU! I just read two hours in the help, after I did, read what I want! I casually synonymous learned how to arrange and layer modes enable planes :-)

I think I will create a Urkomposition in actual size of the image or work with null objects.

3D planes I have seen synonymous to some extent, and effect levels s.Kameraebenen am I still failed. Tomorrow is another day synonymous ...

Thanks for the help!


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