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Frage von weltmeister:


I have several video files of about 700MB size. Probably they were of DvD's ripped. I know not, however, whether these were already kompirmiert, with the codec and then next.
My question now, how can I use these videos in the mp4 format and will simultaneously keep the file size, best even shrink, without the quality großtartig flutes going?

I would be glad of any help.

Liebe Grüße


Antwort von rtzbild:

"DVD2mp4" ever typed into Google?


Antwort von Buaznfratzn:

With Nero hab 'so I already tried something synonymous. However, the file will not be bigger and smaller. If I encode video, then I use to DivX 6.6. Where can I get that 20 minutes of video just a file size of between 150 and 160 MB to shrink. Even if the Resolutionnur is at 640x480. It is synonymous so that higher Videoaulösungen longer occupy space. You can use DivX Dr. synonymous. There, I would not select the bit rate mode, but the Quantizer to 5 represent. As far as I know, you can register a. Divx file to a. Avi convert by simply changing the file extension. This is, however, only if both types are the same codec used.

Greetings of me


Antwort von j.o.i.:

with the program name "Super" is the very subba :-)



Antwort von Peter06:

VirtualDub or super, super is easy to use.


Antwort von resonator:


The name is somewhat misleading, it can in fact primarily videos for PSP and iPod preparation, but that part basically converts everything to either XviD or x264 in any resolution, chooses to AviSynth and contains only freeware.


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