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Frage von frez:

Hello everybody,

I want to compress one with a mini-DV camera recorded 13.2 GB Holiday movie with the least possible loss of quality.
Since this is my first work in terms of shooting and is therefore added to the strip is very shaky and rather amateurish, the film must not necessarily have the best possible quality following the compression, I'm so s.den Xvid codec. I would suffice it if would be from the 13.2 GB of source material about 2 GB.

I have to encode the program "Super downloaded in 2010, but am not especially with the choice of the aspect ratio clear. The movie is encoded in the wrong format (people appear wider).

To compress the DV-Film has the following data:

Duration: 62 minutes, 13.2 MB, Format: DV (avi)
Bit rate: 24.4 Mbps
Resolution: 720 x 576
Format: 16:9
Frame rate: 25.000 fps

That's how the original video from when I open the Media Player:

zum Bild

Meine "Super 2010" Einstellungen sehen so aus:

zum Bild

Das Ergebnis sieht dann so aus (zu breit):
(Für das Sample habe ich die Mpeg-II Codierung gewählt, da für Xvid immer der komplette Film encodet werden muss um ihn ansehen zu können)


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Lad thee times

Media Info
Virtualdub down

With VirtualDub you can gaze in general, all you media files and so defenieren which are present format and etc.

With VirtualDub you can load in a fast cut clip sample from your original clip.

To go as before

Virtualdub> Open
Original Film reinziehen>
NEN sliding lock piece prefer>

the bottom the last two icons look like a half-arrow, so you place an In and an Out Point, in between the range will be displayed only when times only links the arrow then press clip via slider or cursor keys or by NEN press the space bar pieces run before (eg 20 sec) - then the right arrow (Out point) set ....>

Now up on the video tab to go there click Direct Stream Copy (in the audio is already ....>

Now File - Save s.Avi ... or press F7 - specify location .... wait a paaar seconds and you have the exact original 20 sec clip cut out efficiently compressed without any new or quality loss.


Now to make super>

Resolution can place on NoChange

Audio not to 48 but if you've selected mp3 44.1 above.

then pull down your Testclip pure.
And render times.


Should this still be too wide, then create views to 720x576 4:3 and not 16:9.
Normally is because if the photos were taken later in the general.

::::::::::::::::: TIP :::::::::::::::::::

If you search via Google for Virtualdub filters (MSU filter) then you will find a handful of good filter such as a synonymous DeShaker (Entwackler) - if you wobble then cut out shaky scenes and editing them with this filter, then there no longer synonymous - with Virtualdub can You both synonymous and again:

FilmSchnippsel string together (File> Append AVI Segment)

You can direct new films synonymous coding kompremieren / can, to hold under Video> Direct Stream switch back to Full Prosseing Mode and select a new codec in front of the store.

So I think the fact is almost everything there is to know first

B. DeKid

PS: org Under doom9 You can download software> BitCalculator for establishing Film / Video File sizes With the particular audio codec to work out exactly to determine the data rate that must be set to get to certain sizes.


Antwort von frez:

Hello DeKid B.,

Thanks for your response and your tip with VirtualDub. I've now made the video a little test snippets rausgeschnitten with whom I have already durchpropiert some settings with Super 2010th

Unfortunately, the finished video with your recommended setting "NoChange" "720x576 for 4:3" and synonymous "to 720x576 16:9 laterally compressed - that is, the people seem thinner and larger than they are.



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