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schnittrechner für full HD SDI (Sony XDCAM oder RED ONE)

Computer cut for full HD SDI (or SonyXDCAM RED ONE)

Frage von lxRox:
November 2007


s.der it is time to send me to obtain new equipment.
at the moment I have a XL2 and letusXL.

my new equipment should be:
- AJA IO HD (or Avid MOJO)

now is asking me what I cut for a computer need to SDI material sensible to cut? what software? preferred AVID and Premiere Pro. or a change to mac and final cut?

Alternatively, I would be interested to know what hardware and software I need, but if it should be RED One.
(hab possibly concluding a contract, which I financed the red cell is expected to allow :-))
LASO, I ask you to lively discussion!


Antwort von Reimer Reimer:

Well, when Redcam you should first ask for the delivery ... the
would be for your order may be too late.

If there are times when my pregnant Redcam-order should be
the status of the

Antwort von PowerMac:

Right. Everything in the direction of Final Cut Pro / Mac. The io HD is only s.Mac, the only Red s.Mac and the EX1 is in Final Cut Pro is already supported. SDI things, so HD-SDI and SD-SDI (Digibeta roughly) do you get it via io HD and ProRes 422 super pure, likewise with any DeckLink card of BMD. I think Final Cut Pro is for Scenic / Advertising and Features predestined. You can also be synonymous and record live keyen.

Antwort von PowerMac:

Axel, DVD has arrived?

Antwort von wolfgang:

So when the first test with clips, which of the EX1 are available in the network, I have seen that the 1080 25p material perfectly Edius Broadcast version 4.5 as synonymous in Vegas8 import and cut can be usable. Where in the nucleus is a mpeg2 stream, but still must be converted to MXF - with the available free of Sony Converter. Medium term, synonymous with Vegas, the direct costs of processing the original mp4 clips possible.

The claims are similar to those that we know of HDV - mpeg2 material, nor do pogressiv is still soo hard to edit. For me, I have the Q6600 with a test, presumably failing synonymous reaches a 2-core system. And, today, I would only have a 4-core take.

APP CS3 supportive EX1 so far the material is not, as far as I have seen.

For the Red, I can say nothing.

Antwort von PowerMac:

Wolfgang: Can Edius 4.5 1080p with 35 Mbps or just 25 Mbps?

Antwort von lxRox:

danke erstmal.
is likely but the sony XDCAM.
but it would be mac / final cut rates?

if I am but for avid decide which version?
xpresspro enough or I need media composer?
for hd of the map?
for hd-sdi?


Antwort von PowerMac:

Are you sure XDCAM EX Avid material already supported? In Final Cut Pro, I know it. Why Final Cut Pro? price / performance! Modernity! Features! Spread!

Antwort von lxRox:

well, still have a little time.
new equipment is only the beginning of 08th and I think that until there avid safe XDCAM EX compatible.
I work at the moment with premiere, but have been synonymous for the avid to cut orf. final cut is neuland halt for me, although I think that I can learn as quickly. if I stay on pc, can I stop something s.hardware reuse.

mal sehn ....

Antwort von PowerMac:

"lxRox" wrote:
(...) If I stay on pc, can I stop something s.hardware reuse. (...)

What? LED Modding cooler? Or do you mean the PS-2-mouse? Otherwise, nothing would come to me, which is not in the Mac you could use if you buy a new system and parts of it want to use again.

Antwort von upro:

avid usually takes some time to current codes to support. sc in the media, the composer now supports p2. toll, the code there is already for years.
I was s.22.11. ex1 to product introduction. lt sony supports the current and final cut cs3 with> plug in <the code of ex1. avid give no ünterstüzung. but maybe in 2 years? I do not want to joke, but for a software leader in the broadcast area codes should profit
glass thicknesses are immediately. but does final cut.

gruß kroky

Antwort von lxRox:

@ powermac:

therefore switched to mac würd me quite excited.
what kind of configuration you could recommend to me (for the sony XDCAM)
HD-SDI times initially planned.

others ask: network with pc's so no problem should be more?


Antwort von PowerMac:

You live in 1999? ;)
Macs are better computers today. Networks go and of course any kind of file sharing. I notice in recent years only a situation where between Mac and PC was not something that was proprietary and Internet Archive of IE, which I could not open it. Will say: Current Macs have Gigabit Ethernet, WLAN, Bluetooth and support OS X with almost everything. Premiere, Avid and Final Cut running on the Mac. You can just as well on Windows or the Mac to boot virtualized start. With this option, lock out any problems and can get to OS X-sightedness. Its advantages, I need not explain.

My configuration for you:

Mac Pro 2.66
An internal few cheap S-ATA disks
When you connect a video monitor official ne DeckLink card.

Runs on RTL, VOX, ZDF, MTV and many in the configuration. If necessary, you can of course-as-s.Avid synonymous any RAIDs connect. Or external Firewire, USB 2.0-or ATA disks.

Antwort von lugburz:

Premiere and Final Cut Pro are similar as Premiere and Avid.

Antwort von lxRox:

"PowerMac" wrote:
You live in 1999? ;)

did in the'99 was the last time that I've worked on mac ;-)

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