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Konzert: Filmpodest von Schwingungen entkoppeln?

Concert: Film podium of oscillations decouple?

Frage von JanT:
Juli 2008


I have before, like every year, with our punk-rock-metal music festival in mid / late July to film. Last year I had to this end, a pedestal (1m x 1m x 80cm Height stage element) s.den edge of the audience asked what synonymous partially worked very well.

Unfortunately, I had some bands at the problem that the bass sound, the whole platform, and with him my Tripod + Cam, vibrate / vibrate brought.

My question: Are there ways to Prevent or Tripod to decouple from the podium? Or the vibrations in the platform not to prevent it?

My idea was to turn the podium to complain, or deeper in the soil to anchor. Perhaps synonymous Styrofoam or foam under the pedestal legs?


Antwort von minidv:

Preferring weitwinklig film and a bag to hang Tripod can have miracles.
Perhaps synonymous Tripod lend a more stable, if not available.

Antwort von robl21f:


the wonderful work but only if the vibration is not on the ground but through the air are transported ....

we manage ourselves in such situations (via ground vibrations) with boxes, with bubble wrap are filled, then we dahinein the legs ... the tripod can uu in the introduction to fluctuate slightly, giving us in concert recordings but has never been disturbed ... is synonymous bischen emotional cause-and exercise - but the permanent and regular shock-shock, we were going

gruss rob

Antwort von megalutzi:


I am always synonymous foam under the tripod legs. ca 5 cm thick. Works quite well.
Partly it has been synonymous with a few layers Molton geklappt.


Antwort von Markus:

"Jant" wrote:
Unfortunately, I had some bands at the problem that the bass sound, the whole platform, and with him my Tripod + Cam, vibrate / vibrate brought.

Is it possible that pedestal, tripod and "Cam" very easy? Against (air-) vibration helps namely mass (-nträgheit), ie with a larger and heavier pedestal above all with the appropriate camera tripod and the subject building would be done.

Sand bags can not be arbitrarily used to complain, since the platforms do not have any payload. The same applies to small (!) Tripods.

Antwort von JanT:

Thank you in advance for the answers.

So neither element nor Stage Tripod were / are very easy.
A stage is already without legs to lift hardly alone - they are really very heavy (at times, type ~ 80kg). And the tripod is a Velbon DV -7000. The construction s.sich was relatively stable - if they are not synonymous additionally complains was.
The base plate of the platform began, as I said, sometimes the rhythm of the bass vibrate s.zu. Whether this is now on air or soil happened, I can not say.

Antwort von Markus:

Okay, then describe your look last location where it came to the vibrations. You may stand directly in front of the stage, with a subwoofer in front / under your pedestal? Was the event in a hall and the ground was relatively "soft"?

"Jant" wrote:
And the tripod is a Velbon DV -7000.

Uh, that's easy. ;-)

Antwort von r.p.television:

Your definition of hard is very dimensional.
A Stage Element of 1x1 meters without legs should weigh 80 kilos? Normally the weight of a 1x1m plate about 20 kilos.
And the absolute best Velbon weighs 3 kg.
When concerts are so often extremely heavy pedestal or rolling carts used in combination with severe shoulder cameras.
Since the camera weighs with attached monitor and all Klimbim as much as the bottom plate of the platform.

Leih you for the concert at least one weapon (or heavy tripod), whose spring balance on your camera can vote.
Under the Tripod lay a thick carpet. So I do it always.

Antwort von JanT:

So the stage element definitely weighs more than 20kg. We had to take second and there were no legs drann. Whether it is of course now weighs 60kg or 80kg, so I can be difficult to say. But none of 20kg.

It-7000 Velbon the easy course, as opposed to professional tripods which are substantially heavier Cams must hold, I am aware. But it is also synonymous not just a cheap frame collapses and has a good stability.

The Festival is Open Air The foundation is grass.
I'm standing right next to the FOH (Front of House?), So in addition to the mixer. Should be 8-10m up to the speakers but rather more.

That with the carpet, I will in any case, sounds sensible. On the subject of heavy Tripod: synonymous, it would be possible, all with small sandbags (gibts but synonymous to hang, as these bags when climbing magnesium) to complain - or rather, it discouraged? Otherwise I'll think for a heavier tripod out.

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