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Konzert (sehr laut!) filmen! Wer hat mir Tipps, Infos?

Concert (very loud!) Film! Who has given me tips, info?

Frage von Futurevibes:
Juni 2008


I have a JVC GZ-MG50E cam and would like a concert film of a tape. It is a heavy metal tape - so it will really loud!

Do you have experience as that? What should I do?

If the gut when I think it is normal with the cam start or do I need an external microphone or something? Have some fear, the sound turns over itself, possibly because it is too loud.

Thanks for the help.

Future Vibes

Antwort von UlmsSkyliner:

your camera has a manual tonaussteuerung?
if yes ton manual "adjust".

Antwort von Eugen von ...:

If you can somehow go to the sound engineer and mixer via the Zapf Line. Otherwise, use s.besten external mics, absolutely disqualify manual very carefully and note the level. Headphone control is as good as this completely. A display is a must, therefore, synonymous.
An automatic transmission will start to "pump", then you can use the Studio only away. The internal mics are probably just as pathetic as Frequanzgang all built ... as missing after the rum - unfortunate in Heavy Metal.
Cotton wool for their own ears, do not forget :-)

Antwort von Markus:

Future Vibes "wrote:
... and would like a concert film of a tape. It is a heavy metal tape - so it will really loud!

This discussion could you interested in:
Externes Microphone für Autorennen

"Eugene of ..." wrote:
Externes Microphone für Autorennen

Cotton wool for their own ears, do not forget :-)
Externes Microphone für Autorennen

I would put out another one and recommend a proper hearing. Like him synonymous the security people are wearing:

Antwort von Futurevibes:

hey cool, thanks for the info / tips.
Look, if I can tap in the mixer ... must look at the outputs, and so check cable.
:) Jep, s.die earplugs for myself I think. * hihi *

Antwort von SammyGray:

So I use in discos closed Headphones with electronic damper ... works quite well for control.

Antwort von Jan:

Since the camera has no manual Tonaussteuerung - is in the class anyway rare - it is not easy.

Maybe you luck, if you have the sound mixer by Holst, and the man a little time for yourself during the trial of the tape, so you and the right level for you out there.

Then it could be stress, but recovered against because Tonmenschen hate nothing more than 3.5 mm jack and RCA Male. If you often do, I would like at Thomann (for 7 ¬), a 3.5 mm jack to 2x Female XLR Adapter 3er pick, because otherwise you quickly lost when you no XLR cable s.ein mixer want.

So for example, 3.5 mm male (in the Camera) to 2x XLR 3 fe-male adapter and then next with XLR cables up to the podium (so it's not expensive - often you will get from the soundman for the nice question 2 XLR cable borrowed, because at least 20 extra pieces lying somewhere in all lengths and which are not always needed for the concert), but Gaffatape go, because the adapter with the XLR cable for the camera is too heavy, so the cable s.Tripod stick and secure it runtergerissen will not.

Or 3.5 mm jack extension depending on the length and then the adapter just before the mixer - but I think for the worst variant.

If you do not want to buy XLR adapter, or you do not care want to take enough RCA and 3.5 mm jack and large adapter with, because every other mixer outputs has.

At sound check the tape on Headphones and with the Tonchef communicate often thumb up for level up, and thumbs down for level down, as the sound for you s.besten sound without overdriving and distorting, but synonymous without too quiet to be. In general, the fast, but necessarily closed Headphones use as you hear nothing else.

Wenns with the mixer does not work, then stop the built Mirkro, is really good but are not synonymous. The Micro with 3.5 mm jack somewhere in the room to place I imagine synonymous rather difficult before, you might not synonymous all the rights in the hall zuzubauen.

How much is your tripod?, Which you should note some counts some 2 meter metal types at once before him, and not before one sees nothing. So before 3 empty beer crates organize s.besten & Becks with smooth flat surface that you can in the worst case, the tripod legs to make the right Height to have you out of top-down films.

It comes with everything yet known that the time was not where I synonymous with inferior technology such experiments had to make.

Well, that is already successful ....


Antwort von Jan:

cordial cfy3wmm

zum Bild


Antwort von Futurevibes:

Hey wow! You guys are the best .... :-)
Habs abgecheckt equal and I can easily s.mixer "dock". The drummer now check the technicians from the times and so .. then I look, if I with my cam somehow out warrior.
Otherwise I do it with an external mic ... hab so good connections with the guys that I "almost" everything can make a good film:)

Antwort von Dr. Walter Gesierich:

Future Vibes "wrote:
I can easily s.mixer "dock".

and already you have a new problem: too direct, not live sound moderate on the tape.
Now's the best e nd result-You can get both the sound mixer separately from the external microphone aufnimmst room and only in the post-production s.Calculator against ausbalancierst.
How is because the go? Ok, if you do not really big effort with a separate mixer prior to the Camera drive like (which of course would be best), then you have the sound of the finished film in mono. For this tiny disadvantage of buying you a sound mix, when viewers across very naturally.
1. You need s.besten a mono signal from the mixer to the tape. Often these mixers so even an extra hole (6.3-mm jack for so what). This signal goes to the left lane of your stereo camcorder.
2. You need of an external (Mono)-Microphone, which you in the middle of the room up a signal that you on the right track aufnimmst camcorders.
This signal is in Comparison to the blender too quiet, so you need a small preamp between buckle. Super Economy (39.00 euros) and is the saugut Premobile 2 of music production.
3. Both signals you need to have an adapter cable, as is next up in the thread is displayed on the small 3.5-mm stereo jack in your camera to send. Manual audio control is mandatory, or at least highly recommended. Check with the Headphones individual the right and left lane separately whether what matters.
4. The exact balance of volume between the two channels is not so important. The are you doing in the post-production s.Calculator. This copy you have the stereo soundtrack exactly a second time under the original soundtrack. In the upper track you duplicating the left channel, so there disappears the hall microphone on the right channel, and will be there through the sound mixer is replaced. If you anhörst this track alone, you hear the very direct sounding mixer sound in mono, both left and right.
Then do you do the opposite with the bottom soundtrack, duplicating the right channel, so get the room right in mono microphone and left.
And now you can all rest by lifting and lowering of the two tracks the volume of acoustics Direktton to balance until it s.natürlichsten across.
At best it is if you have a second camera perform the front close-ups of the musicians, or times over the audience pans. Both cameras can go through and then the calculator s.Hand the soundtrack of the second camcorder on top of each other to synchronize.
I did so for a presentation of Bettina and Patricia (ZDF Musikantenstadl, but when you have Hardrock not know :-)), who were thrilled. And with the mono None has really noticed, because it distracts the Picture ...
Enjoy Walter

Antwort von Bernd E.:

Future Vibes "wrote:
... JVC GZ-MG50E ... do I need an external Microphone ...?...

After the discussion so far advanced, the question may sound a little strange, but: Are you sure you s.diese Camera on External Microphone and Headphones can connect? As I did so with such camcorders not familiar to me I just interesse half the user views the MG50 and am pushed to that obviously neither a microphone input, a headphone output is available. If this is true, nothing is normal with a concert recording.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von Futurevibes:

Yes, looks like ... synonymous habs gesehen! But I've still ne other Cam, I may need and has all the inputs.

Antwort von Jan:

@ Walter Gesierich - that sounds interesting, but I think the effort for this, I say now 400 ¬ Camera (which may well be the current value) is quite high. Manual Tonaussteuerung or even with both channels, it has not. Manual Tonaussteuerung has not even the current ¬ 1000 JVC HD flagship consumer 6th

If I remember correctly, the MG 50 (even a little wise) a microphone input. Headphone jack would have to be synonymous.
The Future Vibes can quickly find out, he surveyed the Camera or the back of the instructions in the technical data after reads.

But Future Vibes, the simplest solution, the built-Micro synonymous likely to use the worst solution - it may well be that your sound is completely distorted - I've often had.

I would hang them to the mixer and the hope of Tonmann a little plan of his matter, which most good people know from experience what level they give you roughly need for your camera.
But s.besten control.


Antwort von Jan:

Yes, Bernd me grad comes the stupid feeling that she might no microphone input. It was indeed 2005, the HDD top model - but that means nothing at JVC. I had assumed something, because years later, the MG 505 and 575 had a microphone input. As for me each year about 140 new cameras come, one can hardly synonymous differences all 3 years ago still remember ....

Well, then does it use the built-Micro. Or extra recording device on SD card. If you take the built-Micro, not go too close s.die stage ran (not 1-10 m).


Antwort von schellemedia:

the extra ton, for example with a 24 ALESIS HD recording!

Antwort von alexanderdergrosse:

Possibly. Take your laptop with 3 hours with Battery, where an audio program such as Samplitude is running close to a micro (eg Digidesign Interface Between Mbox2). Set the Micro in the distance from the tape where you suspect that the gap will not change, or at least minimize. (You can synonymous with talking about the tape, where the distance-limits because the constant motion in his will) Control Program in the level of approximately-7DB. Then make absolutely before recording a test course. When it was still too loud is at less db. Since there are some sensitivity Micros synonymous attitude that you were already here and can start synonymous not need a laptop, etc., because you must hold a micro with the attitude and just take s.die Cam join.

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