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Frage von Moritzk:

Good evening Slashcam Forum

A new project is finished and once again I'm interested in your opinion very much!

The concert was recorded in the Epiphany Church Dresden s.1. October 2010th The concert has a length of 122 minutes and is s.Mitte December 2010 on DVD will be available ... but the only way to find.

Look forward to your comments and opinions.

Best regards,

ps. my new website you can visit you and just fall and leave comments here Meinugen


Antwort von MarcBallhaus:

Neeeeee, that will not do. Where is the audience? I see nothing but a black hole. Did you forget to light it, or forget to turn the people were too ugly? Seriously, if you live filming, it is quite synonymous like some nice extras into the audience, you can cut between them without the audience winces.

Either way, you must be if the Künslterin speaks to cut even a few faces, however, synonymous?? Otherwise the impression there is no audience and she speaks with himself ...



Antwort von deti:

After Marc ballhaus times synonymous with technical questions expressed, I must now get rid of something in a movie ;-)

I think the prospects for elected not good: Oblique and bottom of the top in close-up looks unfavorable. Also disturbs me that American medium long shot. The whole filming looks somehow "prevented" from, just as if you've done in the unofficial mission. I think you If you had a little more advance planning and / or site more to try.



Antwort von B.DeKid:

Here is one who had the opportunity to register beforehand to speak

I perso. find the MoritzK has since done it well.

Perso me. Like the poster, unfortunately not - but I saw synonymous for the first time today.

For layouts for such things I know quietly allowed to write private Moritz yes as you reach me. For something I can help you always NEN bissel.

Otherwise next so who would have thought that the concert DVD from the cheese bread ;-)

B. DeKid


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