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Frage von metalherb:

Hello friends,

I would like to introduce myself on this path once with you ...
I admit that I have not read all the old posts.

Bin Metal fan since my youth and have been doing about 2 years Video footage of Metal-chapel where my son plays guitar.
Music itself had previously made.

I just changed (10 days ago) on a combination of M10 and SonyPCM TM700 Panasonic. I edit the sound with Cubase 5.x, that's ok. The camcorder has its difficulties in lowlight, I must admit though that was still active in the recording of Auto Focus. As is so often the light-and sound engineer was not in a position to ensure proper lighting. Is halt so.

Currently I am only with an HD camcorder, the second I have to save anything. Perhaps there are filmmakers in the Ruhr area who want to join. I would have because a few bands, the film could be ... I wanted four camcorder.

I'm trying to cut the videos for Magix with 16 premium, but I see that my PC probably not quite enough. Come. I'm still young, I can wait ... ;-)))

Maybe Music-Video and are interested in this from the Ruhr times with me to exchange of experience and common images. Metal does not always have - but it would be nice!
(It's synonymous a flute concert ... ;-)))

Many greetings from the pot,


Never too old to rock! (Homer Simpson)

(Aksmetalherb, metalherb /)


Antwort von Manuell:

Oh shame, I thought you are presenting to us now as synonymous :-(

Your MySpace link does not work.

Here I come to your Page:

Yes then welcome in the Forum. We will help you and give you tips. Unfortunately, I'm just still so once or twice a month in the Ruhr area, but if you're planning something bigger, you can register yourself so times.


Antwort von metalherb:

Oh, I'm sorry!
Then sometimes take this link: / awakefromfalling

The videos are of me, but still included in SD with only a camera. I know there is still a lot more, especially in the direction of DV editing with multiple cameras. Sorry, not possible.

Metal greetz from

Tried it once with this:
Interesting are synonymous:


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