Infoseite // Concert recording DVD publishing rights?

Frage von brokenkid:

hejhej everyone!

find some way not so the straight answer to my concerns, maybe you can help me ...

We make live recordings desöfteren publish rather lesser-known bands and this runs a frame video magazine on DVD. yet the rights issues were more likely not a problem, because personally.
However, two recordings are now published in which I'm not sure incurred if any performance rights, or the gema everything has already been settled.

the bands have played their own pieces and of course given their consent, are to interview and the concert was filmed. therefore has not objected to and were aware of the recordings. we have synonymous informed that recordings are then offered dvd (; original charisma will watch TV in the first place, but there's legally all right ...) The DVDs will be sold for extra costs, the pieces themselves are gema-charge, must therefore be notified.

now has the label (and no major, but independent) are even asked yet (; right assignments due possibly)? there are new recordings s.sich but that does not affect any previous publication of a label as far as I know. so far as the musicians gave their agreement they would normally be liable if their assigned would look right?

say thank you!

(Of which s.sollen synonymous teaser be released on youtube, but since youtube is then the responsibility of the dinger delete, if a request comes, right?)


Antwort von gammanagel:

now has the label (not major, but independent) are still to be confirmed even (possibly right assignments due)?


We make live recordings desöfteren rather lesser-known bands

If members of a collecting society such as Gema has a contract with the Gema be closed.

Actually, all is not that complicated.
Owners must agree. Is usually the most difficult.
If Gema etc. fill out and submit there request form, it takes a while, so. 3 months for me.




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