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Konzert mit 3 Canon XL2 und einer XM1 filmen

Concert with 3 Canon XL2 and a film XM1

Frage von Manuell:
Januar 2008

Hello together,
I will soon be a concert with three XL2 and XM1 a spin.
I voted against the firm as XM1 camera up behind the drummer. With an XL2, I would like the sound of my Beyerdynamic MCE 72 Microphone record and with another XL2 the sound recording directly from the mixer. So I have been a fairly good idea how the whole thing I would like to implement but would be grateful for any tip. Now to my real question:
how is this with the recordings made at concerts?
Yes I want a real live capture mood, which is on the recording mixer is not as over the whole works. Mische then afterwards I just the sound of microfinance with the sound from the mixer, or I mix the sound of Micro purely if the audience applauded?
What would be the best solution and how it is for professional live DVDs made?
I look forward to a few ideas


Antwort von Marco:

In professionelllen productions of this kind of sound is more or less unfiltered through a second path to a multi-track recording device and similar to a normal studio recording processed.

In your project, you must remember that the sound that gives you the mixer on the condition that each area is mixed. This may in some cases even for a record reasonably acceptable, there is often a mix for a recording but totally inappropriate. Computed precaution so that you have the sound from the mixer can not use. And if they do, then this is probably only with a mixture with the Raumatmo work.

The best Place you have a Microphone (pair) so that the Beschallungston of a solid, from acoustically suitable position is taken. Ideal for something small, portable audio recorder to record to memory card. Possibly this may sound synonymous, but accrues to the camera, which as a safety shot is firmly placed.


Antwort von r.w.t.f:

Thanks for your answer.
True, the sound is so mixed on the premises and could be used as a sound for the DVD to be unusable.
So, a camera comes as a solid shot, then on the micro and be on camera xlr on the tape recording. So I have always done hitherto synonymous, I just thought maybe I would be the sound from the mixer was somehow synonymous bring.
But this would then probably I would have the individual tracks on a laptop recording, just like this, unfortunately I have no idea, do not know whether the synonymous with the mixer goes.


Antwort von Marco:

"But then I will probably have the individual tracks on a laptop recording,"

Yes, until then - and only if the tones are reasonably unfiltered are - so you have full recoverability. But Konzertton via notebook can vibrationsanfälligen because of the hard drive fully into the trousers go. I had unfortunately just at my last concert recording. If it is not too loud, should not be a problem. But with loud music in rather small rooms, this is a great risk.
Mobile Audio Recorders are available in some choice. From receptive MP3 players with Microphone input via devices such as the favorable of Microtrak, Edirol and Zoom, to devices of Fostex and Tascam. All principle for such purposes, each with its own advantages and disadvantages (with the disadvantage of the latter devices almost exclusively but in the rather high price is to be seen).

"I thought just maybe I would be the sound from the mixer was somehow synonymous bring.

With a little luck is so synonymous. I would exit the mixer in any case, in addition to record. Only I would not rely on it to really be able to use. If it: Perfect. If not: Let's drum.


Antwort von Rob65:

"Anonymous" wrote:

But this would then probably I would have the individual tracks on a laptop recording, just like this, unfortunately I have no idea, do not know whether the synonymous with the mixer goes.


Speak it out with the "Tonkutscher" ;-)
Perhaps he can use all your inputs on his desk as a Direct Out channels offering everything from the filters, microphones behind the microphone preamplifiers. And everything you take with a multi-track recorder, or laptop / notebook individually. HDD-based systems, you should see a generously designed foam mat or similar place (vibration).


Antwort von Markus:

"Manual" wrote:
What would be the best solution and how it is for professional live DVDs made?

Is it just the sound or synonymous around the Picture? I miss in your description of the other (picture-) Directing, of the images from the camera matched. Otherwise it will be later cut the relatively slow effects, because we do not really have a choice, ie, in the worst case three times the same motif or continually gets work of pans, etc. wegschneidet.

Antwort von wascosa:

Eigetnlich s.ehesten I went to the sound.
I've already filmed some stuff and I know how the images with the increasing need, only I have always been easy with an external Micro with the sound recorded on tape and wanted me in the ways, so be professional :-)
Thank you

Antwort von bArtMan:

I can only approach of Rob65 agree. As many attempts to record a single signal, which is then subsequently mixed. The best in surround, and only then will a real live-feeling over. There are plenty of concerts in stereo. I find this sort of boring.

When you so Picture seem to know what you want at a concert but the sound is extremely important. Lending you a 16-track machine. This is the minimum.

When the mix and encode to DTS glad I could help you.

Antwort von Rob65:


"Bartman" wrote:
Lending you a 16-track machine. This is the minimum.

as a lump sum, I would not express it. I can only repeat, absolutely with the sound engineer to speak, will know just how many channels from the mix is, and just as many channels plus 2xAtmo requires the recording solution.


Antwort von thos-berlin:

If you do this often, you should see about buying a multi-machine thinking. Can a PC be synonymous.

I chose a PC with two Marian Marc8 cards can now be decided and 16-track recordings made. The PC used is an "old" with an AMD 1800 + and 1 GB of RAM. The get well cards in the electronic bay and treibermäßig be in any case of XP. The card is quite old, but is still sold new and is sufficient for my purposes just fine.

An inexpensive recording program that is truly synonymous parallel recording tracks of so many supports, is

Antwort von Manuell:

The sound engineer will record all the tracks individually and additional room with microphones to record the atmosphere.
Perfectly, so when I do not think about turning the sound close, but I can concentrate on the Picture.

Are there any tips how to mix the sound must be for the DVD?

Preferably, I would indeed be trying to create 5.1 soundtrack, when I take the source material as a good way of getting.


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