Infoseite // Conclusion XH A1 vs VX2100E

Frage von YourMajesty:


I had my XH A1 is now a week and can thus draw my first conclusions.

Image quality and sharpness of light VX2100E clearly superior.
Image quality in situations LowLight enough yet, here is the VX2100E the measure of things.
The automatic white balance of the Canon is worlds better than that of Sony, even though I have the following "problem":

I switch on the XH A1 with AWB on one and has very often off the first switch on, then again on, adjusts to the AWD.

Handling in spite of the many buttons for me but very intuitive.

Zoom sounds on tape - I had with my XM2 already, no idea why Sony hinbekommt This noiseless, the Canon but a nasty hum is heard on tape. Here one must either not zoom while shooting, or one is dependent on an external mic.

Problems with brightness gradients:
I wave slowly with an illuminated wall, where the light / shadow is over, so where it is of light to dark, I see in the rendered video hard edges with different brightness - hard to describe. I see no smooth progression, but gradations. The problem is only visible in the current video - when I pause the video exactly s.dieser position, I see a wonderful course.
Particularly disturbing is this, if such a course of brightness on a cheek is as a person. I have no explanation for this - will have to test more precisely whether this is a peculiarity of my TVs (had these problems with the VX is not), or Magix here builds crap, or .... or ....
Problems in both BD-R as synonymous AVCHD DVD ... maybe someone here has an idea?



Antwort von Filmo:

Tap on the Television (Full-HD?), Already tried, since choosing a different mode? At most FS are there any like Cine mode, sometimes you try ... the Effect synonymous if you're playing the original tape of the action via component cable to the TV?


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