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Frage von bjelgorod:

Hello everybody,
I should add a press conference and'm currently thinking about the nature of the sound recording.
There is a larger conference room. There are several speakers, the journalists sitting across the table s.einem so synonymous s.Tisch several microphones.

I do not know if I may join s.die local building technology, so the question: No good idea, if I my Micro builds up in front of the speaker and record the sound of there, or is that Murcks? That it is not an elegant solution, I know, but maybe someone of you had experiences with conference made recordings.

The camera is a Canon XH-A1 Sound: Sennheiser ME 66 either synonymous with the Sennheiser MD 46th

Thank you for your help


Antwort von hofnarr:

when there is expected with the appear of radio or television folk, then perhaps you can find suburb synonymous a press distributor s.den you can plug it in you. if the organizers want to count with mostly print journalists save (or) rather then not. in this case not synonymous tuts to the next before the md46 accessible speakers.


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