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Frage von sebbie090:

I would like to connect my pc to my dvd recorder s.meinem burn movies on dvd to be able to. for that I have my pc with an s-video cable with the s-video input connected to the recorders., who is with a SCART cable with the recorder connected, I see my films or synonymous to the desktop now in color. Now my problem: when I want to record my movies, then this happens only in black and white even though I have set my dvd recorder to the input s-video and even synonymous, the tv signal, I see in color. my vga card sends a signal with 60hz pal. and the recorder is also set to pal.
somebody has an idea what might this be.
I would be happy to answer very excited about

mfg thomas


Antwort von JMS Productions:

Oh oh ... But this is not the right way. If I understand you correctly? You want films that you have stored on your PC put on DVD?
You use the card to output the signal to your PC using DVD recorder to bring? Then probably play the movies in Windows Media Player on the desktop take s.and signal? oO This is really a very, very unusual way, the total also be synonymous nor bad for the final quality.

You have movies on your PC and they want to have on DVD?
XD very simple solution: you burn these movies with a burning program as VideoDVD to a DVD. Can you use one synonymous editing program (with integrated DVD authoring), then you can even edit your movies on demand ...

But please do not record the desktop signal ... Not even when you really need, because that record gibts capturing software for Windows to your actions ...


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