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Frage von Tyrol:

Hi Folks

Have an important question:
Is it possible a video file you I'm in the Premier barbeite / cut into After Effects to edit without tedious rausspielen or anything then to have to restore?

With this dynamic link, I created it after all of After Effects to Premiere after "work", but I'm looking for just the opposite way.

So I shcneide a video and would like to take a video portion of something in After Effects edit - there is something?



Antwort von Pipowitsch:


So you can quite sequences of Premiere to AE import.
Simply copy the sequence and in a AE Comp paste.
Wichtig_ The AE Project s.gleichen must place as the premiere of Project will be stored.
That is just stupid after effects assumes no crossfades.


Antwort von Mylenium:

How Pipowitsch says - import into AE. Some panels are already taken, however, stop there depends on what you use for what. From CS4 Dynamic Link funzt synonymous in umgekhrter direction, ie a PPro sequence can be used as an entire "clip" to be imported with all the effects (except audio gadgets).



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