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Frage von High_Tension:

I'm planning a Sony projector (VPL-VW 50) remote control via RS 232 interface with a media control. Specifically, should the projector be turned on by command from standby and can be switched off via the command again after the end of the film.
Now it is true that neither the network nor the user guide, nor of Sonyselbst (who do not know) is a list with such commands. Goes from one of Panasonic, one such command would pon "for" projector on. " This works in Sonynicht.
The media control system itself consists of a BrightSign HD 410 and a panel with buttons that are programmable via software.
According to instructions of the beamer and the configuration software, this remote control is quite possible.
Now my desperate question:
You know one of these commands, and has a command list that he / she may decide to make?

A big thank you for any help, Greetings


Antwort von High_Tension:

OK, sometimes the right idea after you have asked for help. I found these codes. However, I'll s.Infos from this mess is not smart. Good as synonymous is that the instructions for professionals, is nevertheless may not be as difficult as to program something.
So, perhaps one of you has an idea?
The codes are here:


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