Infoseite // Conversion Digibeta to 35mm

Frage von Truety:

Hi and thanks for the tips on my last question! Meanwhile, we have changed our plans, we will turn directly to Digibeta (our budget has grown ...). And now my question: If we can convert to 35mm, the large Qualiätsverlust the swelling? And anyone knows a service in Berlin, which takes over? THANK YOU


Antwort von robbie:

If you have the budget for Digibeta, then you (mietmäßig seen) so not far away of HDCAM.
The HDCAM SR as indeed were the last episodes of Star Wars rotated, just, etc. .. SinCity
If you really want to expose 35mm film (the word for this stick is fazen), then you should absolutely HDCAM consider ...
Schöne Grüße,


Antwort von xandix:


of a favorable FAZ Digibeta (as synonymous to all other formats) makes:

Of course, better than HDCAM Digibeta, which uses nothing but if Digibeta was rotated.

And if HDCAM has been rotated and the Postpro in HD is made, then the final piece as uncompressed frames FAZen to be given the compressed HDCAM synonymous! Furthermore, an HDCAM Farbsampling of 3:1:1.
This is for the recording oK as master tape for movies then really bad again .....

Basically uncompressed frames are always the best, because all tape formats in both PAL and HD compress.
you ALWAYS lose quality! when a more in some less.
On a cinema screen, I have been at both HDCAM, DVC PRO HD as seen artifacts, the compression of the band are coming!



Antwort von Schleichmichel:

If you have a conventional theatrical release on 35mm copies of plans, it is not a bad idea, just to work on film. Why do you not?


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