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Frage von Ulib:

Hi, I have the following problem:
Yesterday, I "accidentally" recorded a video in 16:9 format with a Canon XM2.

Unfortunately, the video then cut later, mainly on "normal" TV (via DVD player) in 4:3 format
be considered.

Therefore, I would like to burn the video as possible in the 4:3 format to the DVD, or capture is already in the capture into the editing program Premiere Pro as "4:3", if that's all.

Can someone answer the question of whether and how the technically feasible with Premiere Pro, or what impact it has when I burn a video as 16:9 4:3?

Danke schon mal.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Go if you should synonymous with quality loss einwenig compute.

I would try it once then once again as a normal capture a widescreen video

then I would like to see the quality.

Now I use the 16:9 again with another progi ala AviSynth or perhaps synonymous SUPER would only be converted once.

Re-consider and compare the quality.

This of course is not just advantageous but what you probably remains no alternative, - /

As a rule, want to make even the most only a 4:3 and a 16:9 rather than the reverse.

So simple test times and then reports.

B. DeKid


Antwort von FritzK:

Hi Ulib.
With which program you cut?


Antwort von Schleichmichel:

Yes, no advantage would be that. Especially as, if one disturbs the letterbox so, with most players can aufzoomen. And, you gain with some DVD authoring programs synonymous to the behavior of 16/9-Inhalten 4/3-Geräten control (pan & scan or letterboxing).

16/9-Aufnahmen with DV are often eh not brilliant. I have seen in a minority of DV camcorders, 16 / 9 in really good quality. In most cases the quality was pulled sharply affected. The best was once in a DVX-100 with anamorphic lens converter ...

Letterbox is really that bad on a 4/3-Screen? Stupid it would be only when there is a format matrix from 4 / 3 and 16 / 9 in a post. Synonymous but I once made (in each case the format in its own tracks, which were bound together ... are just short interruptions).


Antwort von Ulib:

"Fritzke" wrote: Hi Ulib.
With which program you cut?

Premiere Pro


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