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Frage von creativefilmer:


Have the following problem:

I want a video file, based on a Apple PC "with" Final Cut Pro "has been captured, with" Adobe Premiere Pro "cut.

The file is not in "Adobe Premiere" import!

It appears on the error message: "File format is not supported"
The file is: "Digital Video Movie" and has the extension. "Dv"

Is there a converter with this file which I converted into a format convertieren, that of "Adobe Premiere" will be adopted?
(the program should be free and there should be no data loss entstehn)

Thanks for your help! :)

lg Jakob


Antwort von PowerMac:

You have obviously s.PC install Quicktime. Then you can synonymous Quicktime files directly intersect. And there is no "Apple's PC". Those things are called "Mac".


Antwort von creativefilmer:

thank you ... that is if I have quicktime installed, it should work? I will try.

aja I mean yes a computer operating with apple



Antwort von WoWu:

Apple = Company



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