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Frage von kgerster:

Maybe someone knows advice I've MP4 clips of your camcorder and create it into a project which I then 720p/30fps rendere in MPEG2.

Unfortunately, jerky editing the preview. The problem is well known and can probably not be focused synonymous. It struck me, but that film segments, which I with Sony Vegas 9 (;) Movie Studio software has already rendered to MPEG2 will be presented in liquid and then do not have to be rendered once. So should not occur in again loss.

So now I have about 300 clips in MP4 form and would like to convert batches 720p/30fps MPEG2, so that Sony Vegas 9 accepts this and then not again render.

Does anyone know a (; possible freeware) program and I can name synonymous settings (; a data rate is not specified in Sony Vegas for the MainConcept encoder).


Antwort von Marco:

MPEG Streamclip



Antwort von kgerster:

unfortunately, works for me (; XP with Quad Processor not at all). The program depends on ......

MediaCoder apparently produced no compatible files and is a disaster in terms of attitudes. Many format synonymous nich walk at all.

AVS Video Converter extent would work. The generated files, but noise (a little stronger, than with the Sony's own MainConcept encoder) and the pulsating Grieseln strange. Moves in a little more structured areas do not, then show strong artifacts ....

The same goes for SUPER.

Has anyone nor an alternative ....


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Format C:
Put all things new if nothing works.

An image of the hard drive of a working system is of course a good thing, and simply transfer gehts loss ...


Antwort von kgerster:

I did not mean that the system no longer works. Works perfectly. Only a good MPEG2 video converter I have not yet found.


Antwort von kgerster:

For all that are interested. I have now opted for the Xilisoft Video Converter. The very making good MPEG2 files (but synonymous WMV HD etc) and is relatively cheap.

Even a decent job of making (; freeware). But he offers so many video / audio combinations - which do not work then, but in - that you have a lot of testing. Everything makes a rather half-baked idea.

Of the Xilisoft converter generated MPEG2 files are not even converted so that the render pass runs about 3 times faster. Even the selective pre-rendering accounts. Lossless (;), at least with the naked eye should be chosen a bit rate of 20000 for 720p HD clips. At a bit rate of 12000 is synonymous is already difficult to see a difference. 1080 HD videos should be rendered 20,000 upwards.

Also a nice side effect of Xilisoft Converter. A (; created with Sony Vegas) and then converted to WMV HD MPEG2 file in the result looks better than the Sony Vegas file generated directly. The WMV files of Sony Vegas are too bright and contrasts slightly.


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