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Frage von conshox:

Good day, I need professional reasons for shooting the insertion of date and time. The program is displayed in the settings that you will be required for the DV timecode playback in the preview window, a VMR-compatible graphics card. Which has not my system. Is there another option to visualize the data?

With kind regards



Antwort von Hans-Joachim:

What is this synonymous VMR graphics ever: I tried it at two on-board graphics of an Intel chipset, and it works. The statement of Corel's just that there can be problems. It does not say that it would not work.

But the ad date and time of referring only to the clip-view in the preview. Was that your goal or you need the Datum-/Zeit-Ad synonymous in the output file?


Antwort von Georg:

There was even a time code plugin ...

Here again found:

Link the 11th Posting

Should probably work with X3


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