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Frage von Joorg:

Hello, I have the following problem:

When I look at a clip in Video Studio 12 "clip" mode, look, it goes smoothly, without jerking. In the "Project" mode, the video is choppy, as soon as I try to spend the clip as a video file. Disable Smart Proxy to-and, makes no difference. I can do what I want, I have tried to convert the video in every conceivable way and manner. 25 pictures, 30 pictures, 60 pictures, mpeg2 or something, the more jerky output file. Whether interlaced or full screen, I went through all the variations, all settings. I have looked at the files synonymous with various players in the calculator, synonymous to a DVD player. To the players it is not, it jerky anywhere. The original file is not synonymous with the codec is too big or too complicated, 640x480, avi, 30 pictures. The Calculator is fast enough. So I can not create a smooth, video.
What can I do? Or not the program is compatible with Vista?
Thank you for your help!


Antwort von Joorg:

Here is an addendum of me:

Corel has updated video studio, on a pro X2. But the same problem, even small movies (320x240, avi, ruckeln 30 pictures) after the completion of a mpeg movie. And jerk still synonymous with the project preview.
I just can not find a solution!



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