Infoseite // Correct export settings for HD material? Pinnacle 14 Ultimate

Frage von toasti:


I recently landed on the video track and try me now in DV editing.

Cam had a small Kodak's sports with which I specifically go to amusement parks and at the boarding bin / will be.

Currently I am with my brother was 4 days in Holland and we visited three parks, while synonymous filmed a lot.
Have taken in HD720 with 60 fps.

Cutting is not a problem, much more the proper export settings of the finished video!
In pretty much every shot I have the problem that the movie looks worse afterwards. For example, more podium s.Kanten etc.

In addition, it comes out in a smaller resolution. That is, if I open the movie, he does not open in the same 1280x720 as the original films.

Strangely, I have built about 2 months by 2 small short films for testing and exported correctly in mp4 (;! With MP4 file extension) and now I find that option anymore anyway. They go straight to synonymous in the correct resolution!

In above-mentioned starting material, which should be here for export? AVI, MPEG 4, Windows Media? Bitrate? Frames / s?

Am very grateful to you in advance for any help!


EDIT: has the "problem" with the MP4 file may be loose, have not thought about it, switch to "File". :-(;
Have now again exported as a file and the quality seems to me any better than before when I create a disc image.


Antwort von toasti:

Can I say that because gaaar None are the correct settings so that my HD material after the export synonymous still looks like HD? ;-)



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