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I create a variety of DVD's with Encore CS4 and give away these synonymous numerous (, ~ 100).

In a few cases was on the receiving end, the DVD can play on standalone DVD player too, either shows "disc empty" or DVD does not go laueft.

Until two years ago I created with Magix DVD's and never experienced such "Return codes".

The settings of Encore are indeed quite diverse and I've tried many things, but have not yet found the error.

Could there one that makes the country code problem here? Is it useful to put the country code to "2 = Europe?

Are there any other experience that you should do or not.

Thanks and greetings


Antwort von Mylenium:

By default, all country codes in Encore s.and that is synonymous with security not the problem. Structural problems in the DVD itself can be synonymous to exclude, in principle, because Encore makes everything auto and you have no chance to mess up what wrong with manual scripts and IFO files. That leaves the classic: Blank + burner + burning speed.



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