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Frage von catchafire:
März 2008

here my application for the film Film Academy in Ludwigsburg and the HFF Potsdam. Please critique, give me right!

Antwort von PowerMac:

Hm A Stuttgarter film, camera equipment from the pool, known locations.

Difficult. Mixed impressions for me. Sometimes really good. So trashy, but skillfully and deliberately trashy. For example, many camera settings super. The clear s.der gas station, many from the race, which, in the director and actor talk, some in hospital.
And some settings are at the same time inconceivably bad. Some of the race, most of them in the hospital hallway, when registering at the station, with the baby in the room. Awful. Eklig geleuchtet, the typical charm of 3x800 watts drauf hewn. Fortunately, there are images only rarely.
At 80% of the pictures did you trouble, synonymous beautiful farbkorrigiert, 20% not at all. I find that a pity. Do you see the so synonymous?
Next is the cool music. The genre, I could not identify. The film seems s.sich super, the music makes much. Much of the hospital I would have cut out. The scenes are not of concern and aesthetically not so great. In addition, they are not needed, since they do not bring power. Some of the dialogue with the doctor: do not. Redundant, voltages, only artificially long das The dialogue between hero and carers: ditto. Boring and especially played very badly.
This applies to all the dialogue, often badly played. Trash is not to say that dialogue must be played poorly. The s.Anfang with the director goes, the s.der Tanke synonymous. The hospital is all silly.
Otherwise, I must commend your staging. You mastered the genre quite well. No idea what that is. But good. Approximately, when the hero escapes him and all Stabmitglieder to see. One after the other's head through the door and look behind. The machste good.
All in all, pretty cool. The many weaknesses, I forgive you, because the film moves. And the race a bit too long. But the interlude s.der Tanke is cool.

Antwort von catchafire:

The Krankenhauszenen not synonymous liked me so well, that's really the weak point of the film, although we very much have rausgestrichen. as the dialogue with the nurse was forever long. Now heißts only "where is my woman". thought it should remain so that he knows where the room seienr woman is. Mucke is even made. oh yes I've cut for advertised

what settings can be found when running bad? unfortunately only had almost complete ...

Antwort von B.DeKid:

The cup was a good throw szene .... Of what had somehow "Weather Man" I found funny

Ne time, the question tag (graffiti) were derived from his basic s.der wall ;-)

Gas station, I would have done differently .... so according to the motto "Ne gun, but no preference to me I must pay the flowers should I give you the money now, or the cashier ...." Aem Uh yes yes no plan "" Komm mach Hine my wife gets a baby "during which the hero from the trousers a little Portmonai krammt (so a small example for girls like Kitty in Pink and because NEN folded bill out fingert, which he crooks before the face holds the swing with Camera on the inquiring / puzzled faces of the lady and the robber hero .... takes too long and the bangs on the Money .... runs counter next.

The fake racket with the net and its gun, I find mostly from German perspective too extreme.

Hospital waiting ddas I found the flower girl and stealing action genial synonymous ... the hair with it then flown came good. The scene with the lift and the handle to the flowers was synonymous good, but I would have hoped that he wished the flowers through the closed door then moves to stem only in the hand.

That with the mechanic and the neon light was synonymous cool, what was of Hot Shots ;-)

Na dann mal much success and fun s.der UNI ;-) Will you have ;-))

Antwort von catchafire:

during the day were already s.der wall without significant simply chic;)

"The fake racket with the net and its gun, I find mostly from German perspective too extreme."
I do not understand

"That with the mechanic and the neon light was synonymous cool, what was of Hot Shots ;-)"

At the beginning and s.Ende it is the same setting, only s.Anfang verbockt first with the cough, and later when his wife appears to be successful was the idea behind it

nice that you found it funny, because here the people laugh because they are all the guys from the film personally. that was always strange and difficult to assess whether he arrives funny or just stupid.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Strokes and net guns ..... this is from the German point of view too extreme.

By this I mean that even if German productions never comes over all realistic, easy to gestellt.Waffen in Germany while to get but you have not the GSD US relations. Thus, the whole just too fake and synonymous to comedy, if the point of view comes from is not given.
Sorry but often young people come to me and ask for help with a film project or something in the direction ...... 80% of what you want derJungs with gangsters softair weapons and / or drugs, because I always get too much, because the whole is doing no favors.

See it ... as I with about 14-15 times back at my aunt was in the states (Georgia Southern), because we have played football in the garden (and throw around so NEN stuff, we Wren synonymous quite loud) The ball flew over the fence into the neighbor's garden, I ran over and picked him. When all at once the elder Mr. came out twice and shot into the air and shouted, I / We will of his land to remain especially Ni ** he (2 of the guys were just color) ..... I was super shocked've almost started to cry because I had so NEN shit, my aunt said it was only half as bad, just the Cur NEN bissel "Strange", then my uncle has talked with Him, but rather a very loose, so the paths of young knew not etc . Now imagine in Germany would be a 2 times into the air with its scrap shoot shotgun because wär directly as SEC and the press, there is not the case.
Thus, I feel gangster scenes with clean beaters and weapons (drugs) are always very negative synonymous when it matters in Germany, so I would not umbedingt what with bringing in the film, especially in this case it does not fit.

Sorry for the execution of my thoughts, but I think it is perhaps a little.

But must say the video is good and now you have the scene with the door is synonymous've explained the idea of closer. ;-) Weiter so ......

PS EndSzene with bus and then hero is gone synonymous genial ;-)

Antwort von udu j.:

ansich I think the movie is not a bad compliment.
My question would be, what a diploma is for the film school needs. And what grades you need.

Thank you

Antwort von PowerMac:

As you everywhere synonymous, even after reading it, or the general subject-specific/Fachhochschule Hochschulreife in Germany or an equivalent education certificate. The scores are irrelevant.

Antwort von tsaG:

with what else willste rob a tank?, baseball bat? iron? broken beer bottle?

Antwort von HansMaulwurf:

Very good music. Could after the sluggish elevator music when the door opens or a running scene with the fast paste issue.

Is the axis jump in front of the tanks a mistake or "stylistically desirable", as it `s often called beautiful?

Antwort von B.DeKid:

"tsaG" wrote:
with what else willste rob a tank?, baseball bat? iron? broken beer bottle?

Was read it again and understand.

If I were in a tank and would stand as a hero of the combs, I would shoot directly into the face ..... and not a schoolyard fight start. I mean that. Is that so hard to understand?
And tell me you have not ever had a good German production've seen where when firearms or violence come into play with that looked not to have? (Except it's a documentary about German soccer fans)

Who tomorrow on Speed in a tank that shoots synonymous! Fact - you do not read newspapers, never seen someone in front of the disco someone with a gas has shot in the face? Well yes there can be happy that you should not chen areas are up!
A friend / youth social workers thus lost before a Jugendheim his right eye, the sense of taste and is half deaf, I was only about 2 meters away. So come with me not so stupid sayings.

Violence in Movies and Schiesserein process, is one of the hardest EFX stories and shows clear whether someone can or what it would be better. I'm saying ...... the thing with Portmonai would be funnier and more convincing than the would like to brawl, which are minus points and I Meihnung according worse than the stories in the light KH.

Catchafire Sorry but I think our tsaG had not understood me.

Antwort von PowerMac:

Rarely have I read anything so dubious. Direct shoot in the face? Who is on speed, which shoots synonymous? That fact should be?

Antwort von serkan86:

Hübscher would have been, the man gets the child and the woman runs.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

@ PowerMac
Jaja PowerMac then you should see the lap times to leave your mother and perhaps synonymous times read police reports, if not simply for you are. Or ask your grandmother's time for your next round of bingo which already have seen.


That someone like you something can not nachvollziehn is absolutely clear.
Or were you ever broken your nose? Did you ever contact with the drug scene? It would just quietly!

The fact remains, violence in the shooting is, firstly, difficult to represent realistically
Secondly, the unscrupulous with the offender before going.

And now enough on the subject, I get so NEN neck with such nonsense comments of people without experience.

TIP if you look at such a situation come easily fold and keep trying to go, your quoted Duden German helps because no meter!
Alla posturing you well my friend

And Speed --
A consumer of Speed loses all inhibition and behavioral qualms ...... in order to finance his addiction, he steals synonymous .... he goes with strong Aggresion against his victim in front of him and everyone wants to prevent. Armed or he will shoot to bite .... the drug leads to action and thinking.

That is roughly in the book since I was 2 years old type, which is about drugs and my experiences in my childhood revolves. When I'm ready, I'm going to gift one.

Antwort von PowerMac:

Age, what you write for a garbage? Come back down times of the trip.
You lead you on how the forum Bushido. Accidents happen, violence synonymous. Yes, and? Do you deny somebody that robbery murders there? No! Of course there are. What the hell is with this story to do? Nothing. You can not say that would be normal. Every day there are thousands of armed robbery in the world. And only a fraction will anyone wounded. That is fact.
It is an insolence that you accuse me, I had no idea of the streets and violence. I will not synonymous to express my youth and certainly not on drugs. Mich nervt Rather your groundless conjecture. You have no idea of me. What a cheek. Let this nonsense! I am very much have you experienced and were a tough boy, in the middle of the swamp drugs. Yes, and? Also on drugs you do not like shooting someone in the head. You have experienced an isolated case. And which of you can not connect to the world. And you certainly will not in the forum such as a hard type of road, which is believed to know how the world should look like.

And such a silly debate just because you think in the film is dealing with unrealistic weapons. I vehemently opposed. With creaking floors is almost never.

Antwort von PowerMac:

A consumer of Speed loses all inhibition and behavioral qualms ...... in order to finance his addiction, he steals synonymous .... he goes with strong Aggresion against his victim in front of him and everyone wants to prevent. Armed or he will shoot to bite .... the drug leads to action and thinking.

We all know at least since our youth, or the tough community education class in 10th It is not true that the drug action and thinking forward. Even if you think it is not so. The brain and the man himself is responsible for any action. The influence of drugs does not mean the complete loss of control. That would be every man for drugs equal blame incompetent.

Antwort von Axel:

The numbers are slapstick, which did not have to be realistic and in which clichés synonymous violence may be just like in Tom & Jerry.
I think the movie is not bad. What I would have done differently, are

s.die sets. Any real scenes I would have not consistently shown. I would have tons of previously Toons angeguckt locations and then sought to show as little as highly stylized backgrounds for these movies. What excuse can be used as a road (that is an urban Hindernisparkour?), Which as a hospital?

b) the expiry date. A trashy horror film is rotated (well stylized, it should go), the hero is a poorly motivated weakling (good position). The news of the birth gives him "Speed." Now he must hurry, but everything verschwört against him. His desperation grows (increasing, now is not the thumb screws by cutting enumerate consequences loosen again), the arrival of Mrs. and child and is the culmination of salvation. Here specifically, I think off the cuff a lot of ways away (the baby is not surprised about the Superhero, mother and child might cry, he could weep, the security could cry, the doctor - especially if you lame - could be hysterical). The story is not very emotionally performed.

From the Music do I connect a certain respect for "1941", in my opinion wrongly. A fairly superficial farce, like an elaborately-made cake battle. Each Chaplin short film has more heart and humor.

Antwort von targi:

I think the film succeeded, synonymous with the scene of the tank fits
and synonymous in the hospital must be made no more ...
only the beginning I do not like ... the whole crazy doktor
but must stummfilmmäßig the beautiful with the knife to threaten
and his claim he would desist s.besten in the scene
caught in the arm and the knife threatening to ...
gruß cj

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