Infoseite // Cover film - and how it can backfire ;-)

Frage von jens:

Small margin note between smile and shake of the head:


Antwort von PowerMac:

nem Proffi that does not happen.


Antwort von sascha wenstroke:

vollidiot! when so little brain in the head, you should be applying somewhere else.


Antwort von jerazi:

Too bad that I was not there. I fänd even a nice collection of clips in which people interested in turning it run ( "What are you doing here?").


Antwort von gästle:

We have times a Hängszene "s.Galgen for a Western s.einem disused station rotated. D trains rushing since gone. Hardly dangles the delinquents s.Galgen, was synonymous since the police already.

A traveler a passing train station has s.nächsten post alamiert the police, the s.Bahnhof anyway one is suspended.

The police called with humor and were able to convince the "Suspended" Incidentally, our director, is still alive.



Antwort von topgun:

So I can also kind of "aspiring Filmmakers" as Vollidiot bezieichnen because eventuellenKonsequenzen (injury or death of one or more people) of their irresponsible actions were fully aware of them must ultimately they are not little kids anymore!


Antwort von Markus:

"gästle" wrote: We have times a Hängszene "s.Galgen ...
Former colleagues were times, a life-size doll aufgeknüpft and the result has someone to call without long thought to call the ambulance.

The center decided to organize the reception of the call that this is a case for the rescue helicopter was immediately launched what synonymous. On the spot was then found that the doll is not to resuscitate. The cost of the helicopter (at the five field-DM) were the colleagues. ;-)

You need to have about what drives you jokes and what consequences it may have something. If in doubt, it helps the authorities in the respective projects einzuweihen. Then possibly a vehicle from Ordnungsamt next to the game scene and nobody sets a costly emergency call.


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