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Cover film "Mia"

Frage von stitch:
März 2007

hey leute.
Here is my application for film Ludwigsburg

hab mich ma myspace registered quickly in order to upload ... So net on the hollow profile wonder.

[/ url] http://www.myspace.com/steckmc[url]

under the videos you can find good pieces;)

it draws you inside and give me input if you want to help

mfg marc

Antwort von tsaG:

Sorry! s.unexpected error has occurred.

This error has been forwarded to MySpace's technical group.

Antwort von tsaG:

funzt it now,

those are great pictures you've shot there, ganz großes kino

Antwort von Rene K:

I've just viewed. I like your film well. nicely done, very professional. what are you doing so long?

Antwort von r.p. television:

Really very beautiful and atmospheric.
Also, the sound fits very well with the visual impressions. The motive or motives incisions are well chosen. Especially the final sequence is visually very nicely captured.

Now of course would be even interested in what material you have rotated. Whether you, for example, via the widescreen or letterbox with a anamorphotic have rotated.?

LG Mike

Antwort von stitch:

is rotated with its sony z1 of
16:9 on the notes.
nor did it halt draufgehauen NEN cache, so the bar

many thanks for the positive feedback. who has to criticize what should not be stopped ^ _ ^

Antwort von Axel:

... played well that's synonymous. You see, the chain of advert breaks just did not ;-)

Antwort von stitch:

thank you thank you ... MORE INPUT: D

Antwort von tokorono:

Can you find the movie times on youtube make

he jumps on myspace somehow not ...

Thank you!

Antwort von Couper:


echt gut gefällt of Cast and location is synonymous geil. only what bothers me is the voice recording.

so next!

Antwort von Ivy:


Have just seen the movie and find it quite good. Beautiful pictures. And a nice idea, in my opinion, but not over 6 minutes to pay. My big criticism is the main actor. I find the pretty bad. I think him not a word, he lift each position, hiding behind symbolic gestures, displays a certain type of man more than costume by heart. That makes the movie in my opinion broken. Nichstdestotrotz I believe that you have with the film more than a good chance you have! ;-)

Liebe Grüße,

Antwort von MrMumpitz:

There is just something s.Sound suspended. But that is probably synonymous because he was too compressed for the Internet. You should check out the suicide scene a little better figures (Hall finished bang and blood, muzzle fire ...)

Otherwise a very good movie

Antwort von stitch:

freu me that the film fairly well received.

@ ivy: bob I find makes the film out. he lives the drama of performance. So I mags but is geschmackssache clear. kenn synonymous stop him as he normally is and then isses echt like night and day; D

mfg marc

Antwort von rush:


I did the film synonymous times ... find it nice, especially the economy Farbtechnik a good atmosphere.

I think the main actor synonymous invertebrate a little too long on - but that is obviously ViewPicture sache =)

Other. in short, the spice, bissl less is sometimes more:)

Antwort von baschtel:

fine movies

Antwort von mr.easyest:

Wow, the film is super.
I did not end with such an effect. The whole time while I knew that something happened but not what. And then suddenly the shot. Wow.
Also, the recordings bear witness to some of very Covered image selection and are very stielvoll.
The music fits the film backing. They supported this almost absurd conclusion simply good.

Find the message of the film very well. Especially nowadays, for many in the only performance counts.
Witzig, I found the insertion s.Schluss with the coffee machine.

Greetings and good luck.

Antwort von robbs:

I join previous speakers in a few score to
synonymous but still wanted to add the assembly in front of the station is a bit hectic and the spectator cut the notes strongly, therefore restless.
As far as the main actor, it is surely a matter of taste - that he was so naive, it is ok but he had towards the end maybe dahinterkommen can slowly what will happen.
The sunset brings a lot of purely dramatic effect on me personally but exaggerated.
The last scene did you relaxed approach can, and expand with a little detail.
The Bob s.Ende is so shocked is certainly a way - but if a kind of self-evident in the character development would have been purely = he stops, looks at him and back into the sun would have a more peaceful conclusion.

Because of the sound problems = something always goes wrong ^ ^ I know only too well. Otherwise, great idea!

Antwort von stitch:

aka So the hats do not seem to like ... hab ne Cancellation received. it's a shame that one has no way to know why.

in any event, thank you for the posts.
ichs maybe try again next year, let's see where the leads away. dankö tschööö

Antwort von capac:

look at "dentophobia", then you know where "around" the bar for the aka hang. synonymous've already seen the worse wesendlich so in munich were adopted.

nevertheless it is a pity that you went wrong. for me not synonymous. not give up next movies next year and turn in any case apply again!

lieben gruß

Antwort von stitch:

I do not think that purports denthophobia the bar ...

large budget and do not look very good movie from.
do not think that it is because I do not stunt crew and n p + s adapters had ... wär sad if so ...

würd mich mal but still interested in whether it has packed ... So christoph informed us;)

Antwort von Blackeagle123:


I do not think it is because the film quality is better. But Christopher had to watch the film can finance with security s.Stiftungen go and / or companies asking for support. I think your movie prodzieren was much easier than "Dentophobia". (If you are really not come too close!)

But I think the production of Dentophobia has more of an art director demanded and needed in addition to good contacts synonymous lot of experience.

I think your movie is very interesting and it's great, what has arisen. So do not lose heart.

Many greetings,

Antwort von tobibonsai:

I think that's as good as said
is so ne sache small the whole life can change
the body has the whole angerundet I still think it is good

Antwort von Axel:

"stitch" wrote:
I do not think that purports denthophobia the bar ...

I think that a school is looking for students not to fly over with the all too perfect shooting with the participation of professionals no more than prove that they are well able to organize. And I guess that's the reason why you were rejected, - and probably Christoph rejected *. I have some compilations approved application seen films of various vintages. Their common feature is weak, hardly a movie is better than the average of the "My projects" here in the forum. The teachers sit so with body and in mind, certainly not entirely unjustly, that many basics in a been there, done this attitude of the students at all demotivating effect.
* EDIT: See grade, he has an invitation. Perhaps revealing the long version, in contrast to the aforementioned weaknesses trailer.

Antwort von Schilla:

A university does not want to see that everything is perfect or a very high budget has been invested, they want to see if it is artistically gifted and a feeling for the medium and the art direction is.

Although I personally found Dentophobia expensive, but not umbedingt good - even if there is such great things this would have been, I would find the type of image and narrative themes as interplay uninteresting.

It should not lie, a comparison makes little sense here.

Antwort von Moviola:

I find your film is technically very good. Image design and editing are good.

However, your story in my opinion, mainly through the audio track and tells little with the pictures.

The sound + some photographs I had been to go to the same result. Whether as a criticism is to be seen, you must decide for itself.

Antwort von stitch86:

the discussion, I find really great here, because I am now 3 weeks since the question WHAT? s.meinem film now was wrong, which led me to the rear as regisseur raises ...

My theory so far:
1. little experience in the media jungle collected.
2. zuwenig lives of film images
3. film has enough drama introduction
4. the pay off with the coffee does not come out clearly

what do you think people?
and how do you think should be my next film be? "denthophobia hammer optik with style and budget
or rather back s progressive and only introduction to drama and funny / clever idea to look out for?
(and please now write BOTH net ^ _ ^)


Antwort von Schilla:

Since I do not wish to repeat everything, because I have the above suggestions have what I would like to be your "next film" say:
It is not at the expense of! Of course, image quality, camera work and lighting are essential elements of a film, but it is not the basis but rather statement. This is certainly strong with the above together.
A movie only makes sense if it is really a thought, by
the medium to audiences penetrates. Whether this will be touched emotionally, thoughtfully made, or simply good entertainment depends on the purpose.
You can not say a flat rate, except: "Look at movies s.die and you find the good in history and have a look why they are so good" ...

Incidentally, I find Dentophobia addition to technical and financial performance is not particularly good. The idea is nice but it does not really tell me what ...

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

The idea is nice but it does not really tell me what ...

There has been much work done, much to invest. But I am surprised that a foundation money for such a script exists.
Since contacts seem to count! Deshalbd to the art director s.Set, well, an actor well-managed, as they have played well. But maybe because the director is not synonymous with a lot to do, you do not know.

I think a film can not arise if you hinsetzt and says, I want to make a movie. Just as a small child, if you have a picture to paint and will always s.Ende a house, a tree and a stick man out coming!
Rather one experiences when one is aware of in everyday life, but always his own, new movies. We must as a "film" think. And if some relationships in everyday life through these relationships and the other wants to explain, then a movie (or play) is optimal. And then the movie will be something, because until then, he has meaning, a story!

And if you're so far as: Then the only question about the "how." How can you do it, to achieve this effect? Hast thou a story to tell, then recognizes the synonymous Foundation and a movie you have your first (the storyboard) s.besten once thought no more about funding, but the recording / Remember what you have dreams in denier want. The best so convincing that everyone with the storyboard and script sees synonymous begins to dream!

Many greetings,

PS: I wish you much fun and success in your projects;)

Antwort von Axel:

"stitch86" wrote:
the discussion, I find really great here, because I am now 3 weeks since the question WHAT? s.meinem film now was wrong, which led me to the rear as regisseur raises ...

What? Nothing. There are opinions about certain aspects of "Mia", but the film is good. Do not ask me how this comes, but when I am your second time the film had seen, I had the sun on the landscape is less overwhelming, when I remembered. What was meant, I had understood, and I probably had the intimation in the spirit a bit embellished (weitergeträumt, much has been said, Constantin). It was all there, but it would still have to be bold, yet beautiful, yet closer s.dem, which is a to make the film would want to do. But it can be.

"stitch86" wrote:
... and how do you think should be my next film be? "denthophobia hammer optik with style and budget
or rather back s progressive and only introduction to drama and funny / clever idea to look out for?

The strongest point in my Dentophobia is the cut on the completely spellbound schoolchildren. The rest is Kintopp, slapstick and all artisanal skill despite (what with the wonders of photography and the stunt coordinator!) A footling story. I would be happy to both of your shooting to have made. Anyway, I am happy with this job. My only advice is to s.dich to believe the film "to the file" to the next and to make. The university is not everything, you are not cramped. Mach next film, because it can du

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