Infoseite // Crackling with ac3 files

Frage von 12345DAK:

after I have the problem with the volume at ac3 files solved with the help of this forum, I confront with the following problem:
I spend my audio in PP CS4 with the help of SurCode decoder ac3.File than a 5.1. Then I import the file into Encore Project. Everything works just fine! All of this can easily happen in Encore. If I then spend the Project to a DVD and play them, the crackling sound. Curiously, this problem occurs only with the 5.1 files. The 2.0 files, which I also with SurCode transcoder run smoothly. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks in advance!


Antwort von 12345DAK:

Here are a complement. I have coded in PP CS5 burned AC3 file with Nero and tested. This works fine - no crackle nothing. It is clear that the problem is with Encore, but what?


Antwort von Alf_300:

Once you have the problem with the volume crackles resolved now


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