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Frage von MediaMan:

Hello all together,

as part of a project I'm working to build on the lookout for a way to video-macros. I want to be read in a few video clips from a folder car, in turn, together, with background music and then exported as a video clip. Does anyone know a video editing software with which this is possible or an OpenSource Project? Thank you very much.

The MediaMan


Antwort von Stefan:


It is suitable for processing Avisynth. The scripts for this you can make batch file via the filename. To save you use VirtualDub or AVS2AVI with Command line or from batch files. When the final AVI will not be, it is somewhat more complex, but is synonymous feasible.

Good luck
The fat Stefan


Antwort von Larez:

Many thanks for your tip. 'm Going hard in this direction works. Nice evening



Antwort von MediaMan:

Ohh sorry have not replied to your question. Yes would like to develop on Windows. Thx



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