Infoseite // Creative Sound Blaster X-fi Music installed but no sound just noise

Frage von Cube_HSV:

Hello s.alle,
I'm s.verzweifeln and need urgent help.
I have the new
Creative Sound Blaster X-fi Music bulk purchase, install
- But no sound just noise ..
have in the bios onboard disabeld, in the device manager disable onboard and the latest drivers installed for the creative. Erhatlen never have an error in Device Manager noFehlermeldungen synonymous, that is really all right.

If I start now with DVD, the synonymous run without problems, but I have no sound. Have the system turned up full time, I've noticed the noise only. Before, I assumed nothing comes out of the speakers have a stereo cable ... yet found, and it was connected habs TON ... but with my digital cable, that is optically jack with Toslink only Noise ...
Does anyone out and that can help me ....

Please be so kind and help me!



Antwort von dealmaker:

If the mixer is set correctly?


Antwort von spocky123:

what should I pay attention in a blender, then? I'm a little überfordet .... so at Digital in, the sound is on, say, the hook is not on ton ...
2 hooks are made of clay ..

1) Microphone
2) Auxiliary

If I had one of the two, no preference on what would s.stellen ton, the following happens:

in the case Microphone Sound, auto off at Line In ton hook ..
in case of auxiliary sound is synonymous car line in tone on hook.

In plain German, between the 3 things (; Microphone / Auxiliary and Line In) is only one, the other two have the hook on clay!
Is this possibly the problem or what do you say?


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