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Frage von Bitte noch einmal:


I bought a DV and the question now comes the question, yes you've guessed it, what I need for a software to edit the Filme.Mein films are currently all the vcd when I burn to CD, the quality is lousy.

In plain language you can possibly list what I need to:
to cut s.den film (at the moment I still use windows movie maker)
b) decode the correct format (that is, for example, in DVD or similar vcd)
s.das burn on an entire medium (DVD)

I need only this software that I hinbekomme a fairly reasonable DVD.

PS: Yes, I know this question has been answered many times but never have found at least nothing in sequence, with which I can start something.

THANKS in advance times already


Antwort von Miki:

Pinnacle studio for you the best were 8 or 9
so you can konvertiren of VCD to DVD without problems
And the cut with Pinnacle Studio 8 or 9, it is simply easier, such as movie maker, which is advantageous at Pinnacle, you can almost finished the film in all formats.


Antwort von Markus:

Hello "Please again,"

DV recording does not play it in VCD quality on the calculator (only 25% of the possible resolution!), But it takes the data from the camcorder as a DV-AVI unchanged at first. It was not until the very end, when the recordings are finished editing, generating the required format, eg MPEG2 for DVD.

Useful link:
DV als Video -DVD burn

Siehe synonymous:
FireWire FAQ">Camcorder / recorder s.PC connect and capture images
(-> 7 How are the photographs of the tape on the calculator?)


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