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Frage von Calcio:


I have the trial version of Ulead Video Studio 11 download and must say that I am so very happy.
Nevertheless, two things I still quite unclear.

1) I want the whole video 4 parts each of a few seconds to remove. Now I only discovered the function of how scenes / clips from the video herausschneidet and then when his video, but not how individual scenes herausschneidet and then removed from the video.
It is of course synonymous with the first option, but it is much more time-consuming.

2) I would like to place s.einer the sound of the video is heard weghaben and make it a new background sound and more. How to insert background music, it is clear to me only I have the old background sound does not "get away".

If I can be of further help, it would be super if he / she describes it quite extensively, because I usually need a little longer ... ;)



Antwort von Georg:

to 1) either multiple or cut before and after each miscarriage scene on the timeline an intersection and set the scene unpasstete then remove.

to 2) volume to zero - there is within the audio timeline, the possibility of line with the volume keys and to equip these mach below (quiet) to move.

I would basically but manual Studies advise!


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