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Frage von windtspiel:

Holla dear forum

I have the SD card of the Nikon D90 video on an external (which is connected via USB) and an internal hard drive to play on and of then using drag and drop into my Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Project imported. If I have a clip in the preview window I want to see only the first frame, as a photo stand still, while the sound continues - is the clip at the end of the Picture is black and there is quiet. No bucking, no error message, nothing ...

Now I wonder whether:

s.mein Calculator / harddrive / graphics card with bad / in order to edit HD
b. the appropriate codec for the compression format is not installed
c. s.etwas others it is

to a:

Microsoft Windows XP Professional - Service Pack 3
Processor: 2200 MHz AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3700 +
RAM: 3328 MB (actually around 4000, but not AIDA shows more)
graphics card: 512 MB RADEON X700 SE (the driver is pretty current)

to b:

The Nikon D90 features HD in 720p MJPEG (Motion JPEG) on. My VLC player plays the raw data without any problems. Premiere to import it without grumbling and plays them as synonymous - but the picture remains at the first frame is moved or is no erst


tja ... what do you think? Should not at least the picture shakes when the calculator would be to break down? Can it be that the codec is missing when the data first but seems to recognize? Or is the answer but green or 42 ...

Thank you in advance!

Your Marius


Antwort von windtspiel:

It was b. I have a trial version of Motion JPEG codec of main concepts and downloaded it funzt.

Liebe Grüße,



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