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Frage von toolman:

Following problem: Use CS3, I created a mask in Photoshop, where cut in the middle of 3 circles are (; transparent). The circles are very close together. This mask I put on 3 video tracks in Premiere. These traces are positioned and scaled to each appearance in one of the 3 circles. Unfortunately, there is a small overlap of the clips, so that now the two top corners of a clip slightly protrudes into the circular opening of the two other clips, and therefore there are visible. Small scale is no longer possible, otherwise not the complete circular area is filled. My question is: Can I cut some clips? Thus, it will eliminate the annoying corners and the problem would be solved. In Premiere, I have found nothing like that. Has anyone a hint for me? Thanks, Manfred


Antwort von thos-berlin:

How would it create more masks to limit the videos to the corresponding holes?


Antwort von Jörg:

Effect of the "circle" should your partner sein.Einstellen as desired, sussuchen perfect blend mode, done.
Should the background be involved in some way, apply Spurmaskekey.


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