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Schnittkarte oder billig Firewirekarte?

Cutting card or cheap firewire card?

Frage von Ismael:
Dezember 2007

Hello video professionals,

I have already read through the forum, but am no current answer to rise, what my question.

Once the processors and other PC components in the month will beat faster and faster, I would make the question again:

Is a cheap Firerwirekarte or do I need an interface card.

My PC is configured as follows:

Motherboard EVGA nForce 680i SLI
Intel Core 2 Quad Extreme QX9650 4x 3.0Ghz @ 4x3.4Ghz
Memory 4096MB DDR2 PC800
graphics card PCI-E 768 MB NVIDIA Geforce 8800Ultra
hard drive 1000 GB SATA (2x 500GB), 7200rpm, 8MB

Although I am in the media industry, but I know with cut (or its hardware requirement) as well as from garnicht.

I want with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and After Effects some private things intersect. It is a bit more than just a holiday video.

It is uncompressed DV and HDV material. (Do not want to compress).

QUESTION: Will I with my system (which will soon be purchased), in combination with a cheap firewire card good on the rounds or do I need an interface card?

I would be more than glad to answer. In this sense, I wish a happy new year.

Best Regards


Antwort von PowerMac:

There is no uncompressed DV or HDV uncompressed. If you are of uncompressed SD or HD should be talking about what I do not think you need hardware costs with the five area.
NLE editing cards are so useful as a boil s.Glied. While there are some, but its usefulness is limited mostly to the availability of Firewire, which maps for nine euro may equally well. A few years ago they were still common, today they are not needed anymore. The processors and graphics cards are fast enough. In case of video cards you should talk to some uncompressed HD via HD-SDI recording, it looks different. Only through these cards you will get your video into the calculator. Where: Before me, someone anmacht, Matrox cards in conjunction with Premiere could very well be. I've so ne a Matrox card with Premiere CS1 seen, and with 6.5. There is also what has brought.

Antwort von alex400:

It is uncompressed DV and HDV material. (Do not want to compress).

Interesting idea ... since you have, well have to hold uncompressed with an appropriate camera record. Have fun.

Antwort von Quadruplex:

"Anonymous" wrote:
Interesting idea ... since you have, well have to hold uncompressed with an appropriate camera record.

The error seems to be widespread ... See

Antwort von Markus:

Hi Ismael,

NLE editing cards are for the one-off and digital video recordings are not required, but if you get in (some quite specific, but not all) video editing programs, additional features or an analog output for real-time assessment of the video image s.einem separate video monitor or television should have, then Video card is a quite superior value.

The hook is just that your PC is already present. NLE editing cards with good functionality that are often quite specific claims s.die hardware and software environment, so that you tend to the PC interface card herumbaut, instead of the cut card into an existing PC to connect.

Antwort von Ismael:

Hi and thanks for the replies.

The theme DV + HDV uncompressed, I want to cut wrong and expressed thanks to your Aufmerksamket definitely a mistake for me here! ;-)

@ Markus:
I have the Order button is not pressed yet. The calculator is only purchased in January.

What do you like s.meiner possible compilation for PC is not a cut? You write so that the PC makes the cut card is built around. (If you have a need). I would change my recommendation system and a cutting card already open.

You mention two reasons for an e Schnittrkarte:
1) Analog Echtzeitausspielung s.Kontrollmonitor
2) use of certain features of the editing software

Are all the reasons for a cut card?

What features do you for? Tell me please an example when it's done.

So I would mihc very happy if your / you give me again what about my computer configuration and cut cards to issue can say.

Best Regards s.Euch all.

Happy New Year ...


Antwort von PowerMac:

Unevenly cut card video card.

NLE editing cards are to improve the performance and who offer video connections. Video Cards Only Connections. The former, one need not second it.

Antwort von wolfgang:

It comes s.die claims that one square represents s.seinen cut. The Matrox RT.X2 or Canopus NX are just more professional equipment, and provide well-defined output signals. Meanwhile, the perfectly synonymous graphics cards, and not even in a very poor quality. What do you want - it does both!

In my humble experience that it is the way that a Canopus NX component itself on an even slightly better returns preview, when using the DVI-HDMI interface implementation of programs such as Vegas via secondary display gets out - here, the signal is approximately rekomprimiert. And with Adobe, this secondary display even worse than in Vegas, or even the NX.

Actually, you should then s.solche cards synonymous scaled according to Class 1 monitors vary - I have not made synonymous, as it is expensive. One should surely the whole processing chain with have in Aug, and the Specific cutting solution with thinking. Which are different.

Antwort von Ismael:


@ Wolfgang + PowerMac

Aha ... this brings me a decisive next step. Have I understood it correctly, NLE editing cards that crucial point in the better-quality output signals are available?

Furthermore, I am pleased if someone could tell me whether the calculator posted above a good hardware requirement for an average PC.

Last question: Does it make sense, perhaps, that I with a

Antwort von Ismael:

forgot finished the sentence to write:

Does it make sense that I have perhaps only with a Firewire card and try if it is for my needs nihtc enough to cut card upgrade?

Best Regards

Antwort von wolfgang:

The PC is well equipped - so you should be as synonymous for DV HDV no problems.

True, we are talking here primarily of a better preview at the intersection, the calculation of the final video has rather little to do.

I would say without expensive additional hardware to try - and then see next.

Antwort von PowerMac:

Video Cards enter course from video in YCbCr. That is what NLE editing cards synonymous, but today no one needs more, because the PCs are fast enough. Note finally that differentiation between NLE editing cards and video cards. The benefits of video outputs: a different color, no compression, native frequencies - all this brings, but only slightly, if professional video monitors are available. Firewire cards have Firewire. Editing programs may output DV via firewire. Any video cards usually have to HD-SDI, SDI, component connections, etc. This brings a little but only for good and suitable existing monitors.
To your original question: NLE editing cards bring against major video cards today, nothing more.

Antwort von Ismael:

Dear Power Mac,
Dear Wolfgang,

thank you first for your trouble with me. Nevertheless, I must again seek.

Even if my question is embarrassingly bad, I prefer now to die as stupid.

I'm not a technology-dyslexic but I understand the difference between a video card and a cutting card. (What PowerMac for the second time s.mir complains?)
I speak but the whole time of cut card - which, in my knowledge is mainly a Harwareunterstützung - and of a firewire card - according to my knowledge only the Connections offers to DV / HDV - material in and from the PC to get.

PowerMac criticizes that cut card video card is not equal.
I never was of a video card or video card is the same firewire card?

Meine Fresse, I am confused. Come to me as sitting still. But as I said: Anyone who dares to ask nihct is never smart.

PowerMac Klär please mihc final on the following questions:

1) What is a firewire card
2) What is an interface card
3) What is a video card card
4) What is a TV card
5) What is a graphics card

6) What do I need for my needs

PS Question No. 5 is clear, I nevertheless, as yet synonymous expensive graphics cards and video functions and a TV-and outputs.

Oh God, how complicated. Please do not hand over the head beat. I am really delighted about your patience.

Best Regards

Antwort von PowerMac:

1) A firewire card offers only Firewire ports. Your PC can record data via Firewire and receive.
2) A cutting board provides video inputs and outputs (YCbCr), perhaps synonymous Firwire and additional hardware acceleration. The editing program must support this. Some have some effects are not rendered or you can simple compositing without rendering and can perform the same result in real time on an external video monitor. Today no longer up to date, in my opinion.
3) Provides video inputs and outputs. About S-Video, component or HD-SDI. Expected to be in the PC, normally via the graphics card and processor.
4.) drags a TV signal into the calculator and allows TV Watch s.PC. Have sometimes synonymous inferior video inputs (unprofessional).
5) Use to connect a computer screen (RGB) pixels and can connect directly with direct control and uncompressed. Some have poor connections synonymous for video. However, in the conversion of RGB to YCbR bad and they do not provide a 100% - standard and professional video.

Antwort von widibum:

You can NLE editing cards obviously synonymous herunterreden.

Antwort von PowerMac:

Or to eat breakfast.

Antwort von Ismael:

Thanks PowerMac.
As far as I am now enlightened and have me guiding decision aids in this forum can get.

My questions are answered.

Best wishes and Dnake again for your patience


Antwort von troy:


the topic is already 3 days old, but my question is exactly in this column. I have a problem with the cards being s.Markt find out which card is genuine real NLE editing cards and which are only connections and provide the encoding and Schnitt-/Render- function attached via the software package.

Reason: I am still currently working on a XP3200 + machine. I've just a very good calculator for my claims together, but beyond my budget and also a new processor architecture (Wolfdale) in front of the door. That is why I currently saving solution for 150 Euro gegriffen (AsRock @ VIA PT880 Pro / Ultra + E4500), since I do all the other hardware can continue. The assembly is scheduled for next week. I own software XPP and Pinnacle Studio Titanium. The Adobe Elements bundle is planned for later.

So far, I have directly in MPEG2 on a CF card or since the latest data with the laptop (which has built IEEE1394) input and then transferred to the PC. Since I now generally in DV, it would be convenient to include directly into the PC is available. So I need an IEEE1394 card ... synonymous or possibly the Pinnacle Movie Board PCI 500 (da gibts then to Studio 11 UPG). Such a PCI card can be synonymous but yes again in a newer system with them. Furthermore, I have an old DV10 Miro PCI card without IEEE1394. The analog inputs are initially only a gimmick. Can someone tell me whether I have mentioned of these cards synonymous a hardware acceleration for video editing purposes or are the only video cards, so cards connection provider?

The output (Preview) via DVI s.GeForce FX5200, since my Matrox G550 not the required DX9 support.

I know I did not bomb the calculator, but for internet / office and a few Urlaubbsvideos there should be (initially) range.

Thanks and regards,
troy ®

Antwort von wolfgang:

If the board slots allow - just as a CS3 user, you can see the intensity, which allows a very good and high-quality preview - or stop though the Intensity Pro.

Antwort von stevenk:

How stable is the Black Magic and where you get cheap?

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