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Frage von EddiLomax:
Oktober 2010

I've risen in July, my first video camera, this is my first mini movie, just a round through the woods:

Das ist nen Test of meiner Cablecam:

And the trailer is extended to my film I've almost finished:

Antwort von PowerMac:

Oh God, this boring. As happened so at all.
Not even the age-old Limp Bizkit song rips up the film. Even the Musikantenstadl has faster cuts.

Antwort von EddiLomax:

So I had better cut shorter? So the individual clips?

Antwort von lilbarby:


And just look at that many places someone, preferably with ketchup.

Antwort von EddiLomax:

when I put the clips shorter cut, but the missing half of it?
lie down and respect and ketchup ... either I do not understand your humor, or just you sit all day in front of the pc and prollt in forums around ... says all but a little bit friendlier ...

Antwort von lilbarby:

"EddiLomax" wrote:
when I put the clips shorter cut, but the missing half of it?

if you want to avoid that I would use 2x lapse function in the editing program.

"EddiLomax" wrote:
... Either I do not understand your humor, or just you sit all day in front of the pc and prollt in forums around ... says all but a little bit friendlier ...

... First ... :-)

Antwort von 0711video:

the film is not boring! shorten it a bit of 1: 40 to 1:20!

the film would work better if you go out in each setting a little later clean-and earlier, and we see leaves rustling not only for seconds only and motionless woods until the first BMX cyclist passing shot. connection technically it's here could not care less because you do not even faces tell the story, but I would respect already on it, not only of the cyclists will cycle right to left and then back of left to right (if necessary reflected). n if you still would have few close-ups, I would be two, three purely assume, since you usually only visible on panoramas and-pans have. and the first setting, there's another atmoton shaky hand-held camera and noise underneath. I did the mute!

Cheer up - is on!

Antwort von EddiLomax:

Thank you! Finally, I critique I see!

Antwort von lilbarby:

The recordings are cablecam succeeded very well, top!
However, I have never seen such a bad WW / Fisheye, creepy ...

Antwort von EddiLomax:

is the Raynox qc-303 ... of this snap-on ... maybe you could recommend something? 've only 42mm Wide Anglevon would take the camera out of -.- so s.besten once NEN NEN and 0.5 WW 0.3 Fisheye with 37mm thread ... ...

Antwort von rush:

moin ..

So the story I find cablecam-synonymous quite good ... is in any case, over quite well.

Antwort von 0711video:

besides, I've even looked at your other videos. a proposal as you can with the gewurschtel the unpaid and unauthorized music and general work around synonymous save:

instead of music - geräuschkollage! I would s.boden times the cycling noise directly and as close as possible (if possible with an external mic, if your camera allows it) include: your camera is now available as audio recording device, you can use the external micro synonymous s.den frame as close to the ground (road noise ) fix with tape. I would sometimes (not too fast) boarded through the forest and audio files map them to the mix. driving noise is the direct support ensures your images. Of course, the noise of change left to right as the Rädle of moves left to right. and get louder and quieter when the wheel comes closer or away. leaves rustling in the forest gives way synonymous still rippling brook and birds chirping (ok in october maybe never so ...)

but experimental times and so on let the competitive due to the same old hackneyed commercial music inserts, of which you have no right eh. cycling has something lightweight and with your art pieces to stand out from almost, but the current music runs like a leaden acoustic anchor everything in the deep!

then another idea for building material: set your camera up slightly inclined sometimes to the ground and ride almost entirely around it (but net scrap!). this works, if you plan driveway or synonymous Wegfahrt it. beautiful prospects are enough. (Watch back-light to film in the bright sky is not, or pulls the diaphragm to, and their successors eddi merckxs ride through the picture in the dark!)

So now what to do ... hasch

Antwort von lilbarby:

"EddiLomax" wrote:
... With 37mm thread ...

here you could try out the times


Antwort von EddiLomax:

@ 0711video
that with the road noise is in principle a good idea. The only problem is arising is that the noise I would have to take for each scene so new, since the background (and thus the noise) is varied. I have removed before, in my next project of the recorded sound of the camera only when it is too much with noise (cars, music in the background etc) disfigured. But I would not completely give up music and have therefore sought to appropriate Jamendo.com Music. The music you find there is, for non-commercial projects released for free use.

Antwort von 0711video:

no, you have to add net each time. Asynchrony is only a problem if in voice recording, etc. occurs. with such noises, we have no human experience which the cycling movement which causes tire noise. more than you drive slowly through the total picture and the sound we hear the noise of a steep descent. that does not fit naturally. play it your mama or friends before, they are not the assembly of the separate noise is noticed.

the distance from the camera sound will not carry the picture. Try it out - you'll hear that my experience, I was right there.

you can take music, of course. yes you can put underneath both synonymous. and had heard sounds. Are your imagination run free.

synonymous kannsch mount times the camera with wide angle on the handlebar. The camera then shows up in size and hopefully the environment next to or behind you. at a height of your flights / jumps must look synonymous impressive. because what is moving in this setting are, then you do not, but the landscape behind you. clearly has not effect any minute three. but in the short and sweet.

so and now I have to go.

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