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PC Eigenbau für Videoschnitt

DIY PC for DV editing

Frage von DP-Lecs:
Oktober 2010

I only minimal as the first with video editing to do and I only have my first experiences gained with it, I'd like to address s.euch.
I've read already some threads here, especially how to NEN own PC configured, but these topics are already outdated and obviously I can not do anything much, because the technology is indeed always changing.

have been synonymous for hours and various reviews by studying charts, but somehow I do not really come to the mutually harmonious components

So primarily I times Use premiere, after effects, photoshop and illustrator as CS5
furthermore times Use I use the pc for HD movies with a Panasonic PT-AX200U Projector with nerve Logitech Z5500 5.1 system for the perfect movie experience, a Samsung SyncMaster P2370 monitor that you want and I are working monitors in the future with 2 and a SonyNEX-VG10E, the I think I will have soon

in the rough and all I want to spend the 1100 ¬

I sometimes start with the cpu
AMD Phenom II X6 (6-core Intel are currently not affordable)
NEN, or at least from the intel i7 series
there'd s.den 875K i7 thought or rather not so because the base expires in 1156?
the motherboard I have now n.da yes it is the cpu and not about how much I PCIe slots do
as graka ne gtx460 of gigabyte fan since very low (but normal overclocked or?)
as a ram - Kingston ValueRAM DIMM Kit 2x4 GB PC3-10667U CL9 3x4GB equal or better
did something with QVL list is compatibility with respect to motherboard?
as a hard drive
- Western Digital Caviar Green 1000GB (WD1002FAEX) or
- Samsung Spinpoint 1000GB F3 (HD103UJ)
and if a good idea to Revodrive OCZ 80GB (or should I wait a couple of months because of falling prices due to modern indoor models coming soon)
and a sound card ne Auzentech X-Raider 7.1
and not to forget a bluray drive of LG Electronics BH10LS30 and an internal card reader of InLine with eSATA interface
what power supply for one now in question comes, well, the questioner I still synonymous;)

You see, I have many questions about your efforts and am grateful

Antwort von SmithGates:

hey I'll write times my system on because I want to build Namely last years synonymous PC video editing for have, for months used (is perfect in my eyes) to Jezter I have some games easily played to a maximum and with after effects cinema 4d and co .. I had no problem. ma think for the price (500 euro Jezter then (maybe) 350 ¬) will get you nothing better for video editing I think ma

for video editing is that enough perfect!
unless you want to render faster then stop NEN 6 core is redundant and unnecessary for me am not a gambler of money or something;) a 4 cores is optimal.

HD movies I watch is synonymous, but over the large TV via HDMI total liquid can gamble, etc. alongside synonymous. ;)

CPU: AMD Phenom X4 (4x 3.2GHz)
Motherboard: Gigabyte UD3-770TA
graphics card: Nvidia GTS 250
PSU: be quiet Straight Power 430W ATX 2.3
HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3
Software: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Work daily with after effects / premiere / ultra / photoshop

Of course, CS5;) am always up to date

I hope I could help you to see if what I want to do so with after effects: www.youtube.com/saintfilms1
have as yet not so much in it in youtube.

if you like but prefer something stronger so do not know what you do with the computer so then write me;) you can put together an actual system:) do that as a career: P

Antwort von DSLR-Freak:

@ DP-LECs:

You see, you were dealing with the issue very closely.
CPU, graphics card and hard drive evidence of expertise for CS5.

You have to remember that the graphics card but synonymous poses a risk in itself, since it relies on a hack (using the CUDA cores). Here you could go with water cooling the 470 safe.

Except for power supply: at least 600 watts.

Smith @ gates:

The Sony-camera stores in the AVCHD format. Have fun with such a tin can.

6th Place

"Smith Gates" wrote:

if you like but prefer something stronger so do not know what you do with the computer so then write me;) you can put together an actual system:) do that as a career: P

Oh no, I see a bankruptcy s.Horizont ...

Antwort von DP-Lecs:

@ Smith gates
is indeed a small beginning of what ever you do with after effects
and thou canst like to list some components

@ DSLR-Freak
ne 470 price is something completely different world than ne 460, Also, there was indeed synonymous normal without hack

and what the sony so in the test brought about I am not exactly informed but 1920x1080i is ever weak aggregate for the

Antwort von DSLR-Freak:

"DP-LECs" wrote:

@ DSLR-Freak
ne 470 price is something completely different world than ne 460, Also, there was indeed synonymous normal without hack

With the hack, I think that the 460er not usually the Cuda cores used in CS5. That is only with a software hack. That could be prevented by Adobe at any time.

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