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Frage von past0r:


My question relates to the "normal effects".

How to make a SlowMotion, a pan as Szenenüberblendung, jerky movements like "The Ring"
dynamic transitions, that is no easy transitions, etc. ..

I call that whole time, "dynamic cut". And that is exactly my question: How the Oberbergiff called for such things?

Can someone give me sites or good books on the subject?

I've searched the forum, but if you do not even know how to say something like ^ ^

Many greetings and thanks


Antwort von Axel:

In movies you see almost everywhere cuts, as they are synonymous to see videos. The reason is, of course, that movies today are no longer synonymous-ge (in the sense of destruction) will be cut, but editing in NLEs. Reißschwenk as a transition effect was, the title of one of the few my self-initiated threads. Cool. 'm Still not sure if there is a plugin for that.

What do you think could possibly, is the magical cut-trailer. Trailer are frequently in poor Resolutionzusammengepappt before correction of the actual cutting and / or the color or the soundtrack of the film are done right. Therefore, there are only a handful of trailer music, and the material is dubious. We will compile the fattest images to create a kind of slideshow. On-and fade between them or - PAFF! - Replica magnesium flash (to make three successive frames lighter, one of the last three frames long, Freeze-Frame). We are working very much with retiming. Slow motion, as generated from 24 B / s, without Pictureüberblendung jerk, delightful. For on-the-knee-fall! The pulse of the cinema!


Antwort von past0r:

Thanks Axel.
Responded to as such in my question ^ ^

... Towards the end of your answer you described how you make such effects (3 frames Light or Time Remapping ...).

My question:

Is there a page or a book that is specifically for those with any Cuter, actually its basics - his hand tool involved. Basically as a collection of this knowledge?

I mean, people have to at some point get s.Schnitt synonymous times have taught ^ ^
Perhaps you know better now what I mean.

Thanks and regards


Antwort von Axel:

The best way to learn by imitation. Take the commercials on television on (maybe you have a DVD recorder, a Pinnacle TV box or a tuner stick, with which you get this on the calculator invite), the Trailer from the web, then cut them at times. Count the frames in the things that interest you, just before losing the respect of these cheap tricks. Anyway, the really effective are rarely the obvious digital. Fade, fade, crossfade, "Cranking" (continuously variable fast or slowing), micro-cuts of a few images. All of it is manual work, an expensive software you can not make it better. Time is manipulating but one of the most important tools of the cut, which belong to the editing program. For some, especially older programs, this is something solved complicated, but it does not always work. Googel for tutorials relating to "retiming" or "Timeramps" to your NLE, and then they turn. It is pointless to read.

Another area concerns the compositing, the combination of different visual elements, this includes the simple washing powder name that will appear over the content Buntwäschebesitzerin, including the exchange of entire landscapes. Here was a book to get started not bad, as there is a whole series of techniques for this are, but it should handle your specific software. There is editing software, the synonymous compositing functions, which usually is not. Is your program such as After Effects, buy a book on After Effects. There is nothing like practice: Sit down and eat breakfast s.den kitchen table for a change with yourself (from the tripod is as static setting hard enough). You come in side and front of your double the scrambled eggs of the pan onto the plate. Then you ask yourself to reach out to you the butter. Ten seconds, 250 frames, where a bunch of techniques can come to use, and the nights will cost you in front of the calculator, but then you know.


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