Infoseite // DV Recorder JVC SR-DVM 700

Frage von Eva Maier:

Someone in the forum here has anything negative to report about the
JVC DV recorder SRDVM700 (; SR-DVM70, SR-DVM600)

These things cost so between 1000 -1500 and I absolutely do not want my money to invest in electronic scrap.

(; That it does not run optimally with the MAC so I've read)

If I look through some answers

Eva Maier


Antwort von nchoffmama31:

Have you bought your machine know?
If not, then do not touch them. The recorder is indeed driven triple of the professional league, where the device has no place but nothing.
My JVC was already after four weeks in service, was defective because the Firewire connection. The device is not very user friendly and needs for each command step infinitely long until he is executed.


Antwort von thos-berlin:

At least they have since 1.1.2007 enough time to think, had for a review or asking for help ;-)

The thread is old as the hills!


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