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Frage von Masterfragger:


I have edited a 32-minute video file (30 Mbps data rate) with the Movie Maker and this is now a file of the type "video clip"

I want to get the 6.7 GB large file like less than 4.7 GB to press them on a normal DVD.

Are there programs where I say that they make the file so large that it is compressed to a size of my choice, but quality is still high quality?

I tested various programs to offer to me this file, but compressed to 700MB, since I give away many GB are actually here at the half hour in very good quality: (

I do this for the first time and not have so much to plan ... would like just a simple program that I say "Make me the file to 4.6 GB at the best quality"

I am very happy to help of you:)


Antwort von Markus:


in the post "How do I get my video on DVD?" MPEG2 > DVD- Video ). Bei 32 Minuten Laufzeit wird die DVD in bestmöglicher Qualität (d.h. lt. DVD-Spezifikation zulässiger Datenrate) etwa halb voll sein. Mehr geht nicht, sonst kann der DVD Players die Scheibe nicht wiedergeben.


Antwort von matthew:

movie maker .... If I hear that nice ... lol ....
is in fact already been improved? I really only know the rudimentary s.anfang of all, I think the win ME?


Antwort von Masterfragger:


I've become synonymous ... I noticed the file through TMPGenc (or as synonymous) is synonymous to 2.7 GB and looks really good from aufm TV:))




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