Infoseite // DV footage of SonyDCR-PC100E in Premiere Pro CS4 Capture

Frage von julien:


Had previously been successful for a few DV tapes can capture in Pinnacle and Magix: Magix away after a pause ...
Now I want to prof. Level job for, so Investititon 5DMII in Canon and Adobe CS4/CS5 (CS5 is not yet because I have to wait 64 ...), so I had a PC with CS4. SHOCK: Does the camera (not the DCR-PC100 is old, ok, but was really a classic). Can not record now. Adobe lists its Page "hardware compatibility" is simply not on the DCR-PC100 .--- What do I do now? I will indeed not only cut my new HD recording, but at last hundred synonymous my "old" DV tapes!
Does anyone any advice?
Thank you!


Antwort von Alf_300:

Via Firewire??
Detects Windows (which version) is not the CAM or Premiere?


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Uninstall Manager Hardware> Firewire card>> Calculator to restart .... install new drivers for unknown device .... join now Cam and Switch Start> premiere and press F5> Recorder window should now have access to the Cam.

Otherwise, just try with any Capture progi. Premiere has to support not only controlling but Cam is where the really no preference whether to list the cam or not.

B. DeKid


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