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DV Übertragung auf PC

DV transfer to PC

Frage von Matteo:
April 2006

I have a SonyDCR-HC17E and following problem.
Currently I am trying to dub via USB, but not everything goes the way I want.

Adobe Premiere my cam is not even recognized.

Sony Vegas it will be recognized, but the capture files always have small problems.

If I take the software that was supplied with what we can indeed synonymous add things, but it is unsynchronized and the software makes shit 10min. Videos.

What can I do that I can finally dubbing out my recorded stuff on the calculator.

I've already heard of Firewire and I choose the moment and make s.Kabel Calculator for this technique clear.

synonymous, but if I have it, I still do not know how I can dub the s.besten.

What program was the best and what are the best settings?

Questions, questions ... Please help me.

Antwort von PowerMac:

USB = shit
Firewire = Good

Antwort von Markus:

FireWire FAQ">1. (b) Firewire or USB?

Once you've chosen the correct port, therefore, no further questions, you probably. ;-)

Antwort von jabone:

That means you can capture with firewire all programs and causes no problems. It is important that you have Frewire port.

Antwort von Matteo:

And which program you prefer?

Antwort von beiti:

DV transfer via Firewire is proven and perfected for years. This works well with any software.

Antwort von jmueti:

"Matteo" wrote:
And which program you prefer?

I have been using for years:

Scenalyzer Live


try the time trial. Buy worth it.

Greeting jmueti

Antwort von Matteo:

So now I have connected a Firewire cable and I bought a firewire card, where both connectivity options available on it and I can connect but only one.

In any case, the calculator recognizes the Cam as an unknown device.

How should I now proceed next?

Antwort von jabone:

Rein in night> on capturing and transfer them to computers.

Antwort von Bushido:

I would be interested in views why Firewire is always recommended, or have it is because most of the camcorder only USB 1.1.
On the internet I think that is only USB and Firewire good is bad, though (if it is USB 2.0), the transmission rate is higher.

The crazy is synonymous, indicating that only USB and not what standard it is.

Camcorder to my sister: SonyDCR-HC19E

Antwort von beiti:

Firewire with camcorders already existed, as the USB was still at version 1.1 and therefore unsuitable for such purposes. Thus, in the entire market of nonlinear editing systems for DV Firewire as the transfer data naturalized. This affects not only the transfer between the camcorder and computer, but synonymous between two camcorders, between camcorder and DVD recorder, or between DV recorders and digital switchers. Meanwhile, the Firewire works with almost any transmission FW card and any editing program smoothly (which was not so long time!), And is therefore not easy to see why one should go for no reason now the standard by which all trials back of the front begins.
In fact, I do not know yet camcorder-software combination, with which the data-transfer via USB works smoothly. The transfer of DV data via USB is today was in a state of development, on the Firewire DV about six or seven years.
On the standardization issue, there is synonymous clear technical reasons why a DV stream over USB 2.0 is not as easy as transferable via Firewire, but that may better explain the computer people.

Antwort von Goohn:

Thank you for the reply.

Could imagine that the synonymous Manufacturer zuwechseln did not want the standard.

Moreover, I am a computer person, I would be interested, but nagut.

Thanks again, thinking only that it again only as a "design statement" because it (until now) gave no reasons.

Antwort von beiti:

The technical guts of Firewire and USB I unfortunately do not understand myself, have only heard that Firewire is better suited by the function principle, for real-time transfers, because in the USB data packets were transmitted. As I said, I'm not a computer expert.

Whether future memory or hard drive camcorder data via Firewire, USB or whatever transfer is essentially no preference. That is then only a blade of data from one to another disk.
To say that Firewire is superior in practice to apply to the real-time transmission of digital shooting, as classically of and DV camcorders and HDV camcorders occurs.

Maybe you can help this next article:
http://www.videoaktiv.de/text.php?pos =% 7C40% 7C61 & nav_id = 61

Antwort von Bushido:

Thanks for the link.

But unfortunately the text is written is very subjective, since there are more advantages for USB (but are synonymous in this link, but somehow Weden Unterbuttert). But the license fees are Höhr, should (in fact the customer yes) but benefit.

However, I agree with the author but in a right, true to the motto "Never change a winning team.", It works and (anscheind synonymous) better than USB2.0/HS.

Well then synonymous much fun while capturing and thanks to the nice forum, I think it's good to be here must notify not necessarily synonymous.

Beautiful weekend yet.

Antwort von Matteo:

The PC requires a Drivers. Unknown device??

Antwort von Markus:

"Bushido" wrote:
... even though (if it is USB 2.0), the transmission rate is higher.

-> USB 2.0 faster than Firewire?

"Bushido" wrote:
... since there are more advantages for USB ...

What? Give me time one!

Antwort von klirsch:


I have two computers - a laptop - but without the IEEE port and a PC with IEEE port, however, the Windows 2000.

I would now like films of MiniDV camera via IEEE - FireWire dub on the PC. I have an editing program "Pinnacle" version 11 - which unfortunately does not work with Windows 2000.

When I connect the cable s.der video camera and the PC, nothing happens. It is therefore possible, even dubbing a film to your PC via the IEEE, without any editing program is installed?

Thank you very much!


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"klirsch" wrote:
... ... Is it possible, a film dubbing via IEEE to your PC without an editing program is installed? ...

At least you already need a capture program that has access to the camcorder. Would offer itself in your case WinDV, firstly because of run under Windows2000 and the other is free.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von przy:

It is therefore possible, even dubbing a film to your PC via the IEEE, without any editing program is installed?

No.. You need a so-called capture program. A capture component is included in any editing program - ussynonymous in Windows Movie Maker.
Capturing a very reliable tool is "Scenalyzer (http://www.scenalyzer.com/d/main.html)

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