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Frage von Waller:


I get an old PC (Pentium 2, 266 MHz, XP SP2) to grace bread. I have since some time a Technisat Skystar DVB-T card, although somehow works but powerful jerky (Systemvoraussetzugen here: Pentium3, 600 MHz). I would just watch TV, not record, not timeshift or video editing. Is there a less demanding DVB-T card? Synonymous Can an older model, which I then would try to get on ebay.

Who knows what?

Thank you in advance for support



Antwort von AndyZZ:

Experiment but from your old calculator or a little more rauszukitzeln. Had my P2 with 200 MHz on a used AMD for 15 DM exchanged after the BIOS update the board at least 550 MHz ran!
How much RAM do you have?
Can you perhaps against Win98 XP downgrade? XP gobbles synonymous synonymous abundant system resources.


Antwort von Nightfly!:

Moin moin!

The CPU used with the (tip of AndyZZ) would be a possibility but with a P2 come to you as 450MHz.
If you get a used.

P2 means AT motherboard and the power supply so it does not change a board without any further exchange is possible (->> costs).

Easiest way would be overclocking but there are of course synonymous limits. (good airflow / cooling required), but an attempt before the "old iron" against which new exchange.



Antwort von Rene K:

and then s.besten Win 2000 on it. xp slows down because you just made. at 98, I am not sure that the card adopts it. 2000 on each instance.


Antwort von AndyZZ:

Nice side effect: you learn a lot about computers and their inner workings. And when it finally zerschossen unfortunately, it does not annoy you too much about the "old crutch".


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