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DVD - Wie lang darf der Film sein?

DVD - How long can the film be?

Frage von Pit:
Dezember 2005

DVD - Movie Length:
Of've edited DV camcorder dubbed films on PC (located at the moment still as "AVI" Project before).
Program: Med Studio Pro 7
Beginners as I now have the problem that the film according to timeline 2 hours is plenty long.
The time I can read the timeline, but where do I know how much GB is representing?
Will burn to DVD.
According to what I have to judge me, by time or Gigabyte??
How long the film should) be (in minutes or GB if using MPEG 2?
How long, if DivX is used?

Thanks for the help!

Antwort von Stefan:

You should go to the patience of the audience addressed ;-)

The absolute limit is the capacity of DVD recordable. The place is fixed.

When converting to the DVD format you can "any" film lengths to squeeze into that space.

The squeezing makes the MPEG encoder and he does it as strong as you set. Long film means a lot of squeezing (compression), a short film heist little squeezing.

The extent of crushing lets you change the bit rate. High bit rate means little or low bit rate means throwing away a lot of bruising and image information.

A good compromise for the rolling of DV movies to DVD-5 blanks (4.7 GB) is 90 min film. Here the sound unit is compressed such as MPEG or Dolby Digital.

Good luck
The fat Stefan

Antwort von Udo:

Hi Pit,

The first sentence of Stefan is dead right.

But now another proposal.
If you have such a long film just quietly create a good, if long synonymous with MPEG2 and too great a DVD on the hard drive. Take then a Shrinker and just transcode to DVD size. So just get it out no bitrate calculator.


Antwort von Markus:

"Stefan" wrote:
You should go to the patience of the audience addressed ;-) "

Hi All,

which I would like (from bitter experience * Connect) as well.

Whether a film does not arrive, or can easily test by means of stop notice: It is introduced before an audience (s) a video film. After 10 minutes we stopped playing and watched the reactions: Tell people "Hey, why do you stop it the movie?" or jump on all the same and say "Wow, thank you for the demonstration" (= elegant formulation for "You do not need to continue!").

PS: My private holiday movies have a maturity of the way, 20 to 30 minutes. For longer tours, I'm synonymous with two-local focus. Consequently, there remains ussynonymous processing costs within limits. ;-)

* Synonymous in this context, I warmly greet my father, who has 9.5 hours of raw material and one said write 8-hour cut holiday video! These are two E-240 filled to the brim with dull moments! I've seen the film though (have to see if I am asked about this), but this I have done in the fastest speed picture search. And even that has lasted nearly 1 hour!

Antwort von Voltz:

I often create two versions.

One is for myself and exceeds even with a varied holiday rare 60 minutes. Then fit in each case is still with the highest quality to a DVD.

Of course this version also contains a chapter, so that interesting or less interesting parts to jump quickly to skip.

Demonstrate to relatives, friends and acquaintances and for my annual film finished, I like to have a second version, the max. Should be 10-15 minutes long.

So I can, depending on how interested the audience is to follow up on the more detailed version.

Thus, a father-like you Mark, I've had to do to me synonymous, and a 2-hour, uncut USA Trip video.
My father, however, sat beside her and looked at me expectantly always ... ;-)

Antwort von Markus:

My father once watched expectantly as I ... asleep at such a demonstration I! I thought that was very funny. ;-)

Antwort von Voltz:

I would be synonymous to sleep very much. ;-)
Unfortunately, my father has as filmed, as does just a Beginners. That is, with the viewfinder of the camera to object search, etc. Go
I was too dizzy to be able to fall asleep doing so;)

Antwort von Markus:

Yes, seasickness is a matter of watching "frantically seeking motiv" recordings. Whether you help as synonymous tablets for travel sickness? ;-)

Antwort von jasmin61:

Hey Pit,
nor what to find here

PS: No it does not definitely help me, even for Blair Witch Project in the movies turned bad! I am glad that I (still) not have father-in ;-)

Antwort von Pit:

"Udo" wrote:
Hi Pit,

The first sentence of Stefan is dead right.

But now another proposal.
If you have such a long film just quietly create a good, if long synonymous with MPEG2 and too great a DVD on the hard drive. Take then a Shrinker and just transcode to DVD size. So just get it out no bitrate calculator.


Thanks Stefan, Thanks Udo for your correct remarks - I am happy!

Bezügl. Spectators patience you are right! But I would like, as I have seen at an advanced stage "filmmaker"
In many chapters (divided ausschließl. Url movies) to show only the good ones look at each CC.
Therefore, it makes me synonymous not mind a couple of DVD's burn out of the long film.
Unfortunately, now I know not how the sharing is going on, so how do I as the first 90 minutes on the first and then bring the rest on the second DVD.
What, please, is a Shrinker? What he does - or you can do with him?

Thanks again and warm greetings

The above yesterday I had tried, in response to Stefan and Udo enter here - unfortunately failed, as I just brakes - try it again.

Been made about the other posts I'm really synonymous, as I learn from it and it has been fun to me especially since I too have been "father".
Thanks s.alle! They are good Tip's it!

Antwort von jasmin61:

to DVD Shrinker


Antwort von Stefan:

The sharing is very simple - throw away ;-)

My work method is that I like to work with multiple project files. Suppose you have a long project WHOLE FILM.

Then you will save the Project as TEILFILM1 and as TEILFILM2. Then you cut the tail TEILFILM1 Project s.and in TEILFILM2 head. The sub-projects do you do then to separate DVDs. Bingo. If you choose the dividing point well, there you have a so-called Cliff Hanger, and everyone is excited s.end of DVD1 on DVD2 ...

Working with several project files have the advantage for me that I am a little bolder with the cut. Often they are reluctant to retain what is so radical path would in any case everything that is technically unclean material (wobbler, pans, zooms).

If you take those sections and delete operations in a temporary "game project", one often notices that a bolder cut and throw away most of the film does well. And if not, one is quickly gone back into the actual project.

Consider the case of film and mentally project Selbstvervollständigen the audience an integral part.

The art of cutting is IMHO recognize this and manage synonymous gently. What in the brain of the viewer is already complete, is no longer required to show. The delay when viewing and brings boredom. The brain wants new, new and again new.

Unfortunately, it dulls even if you sit long enough s.einem Project. You can sheer scenes, out-and so the first impression herabspielen hardly believe it. Probably, therefore making the "pros" extensive testing performed before the final cut.

Good luck
The fat Stefan

Antwort von Pit:

Hi Stefan
and all other helpers,

Thank you again - it worked.
I made it so: the long Project full length again saved as part of 1st Everything that came after about 70 minutes (it was wiped out a convenient place). This part 1 finished, then burn that runs on
PC and the best player.
Of 2 I've deleted the project saved approximately the first 70 minutes and am in the process, the beginning of the 2nd Part hair or something ".
Was it of you, Stefan, mean it or is there a more elegant solution?

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