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Frage von schnuta:

Moin again

I did not ask again: if I am with my camera, a movie in 16:9 recording, and it will premiere at the "widescreen 48khz (I think) body, and then export the movie, does it all synonymous, although the long black bar is not as large as a DVD (Hdr, star wars, etc.). what is this?

take the in 4:3 and to add just behind the black bars added? (in the school, we have such a computer and cut apple filme synonymous with their program (n.wie that is, I know not with applke --- the program was always aufjedenfall it). then I think I have such a function seen with the black man behind bars can do. if that's true, this is synonymous with premiere pro 2?)

thank you very much


Antwort von Markus:

"schnuta" wrote: ... however, the long black bar is not as big as a DVD (Hdr, star wars, etc.). what is this?
Hello Fabian,

Films are often with a picture in front of 2,35:1 (CinemaScope). 16:9 is not as wide and corresponds to "only" a ratio of 1.78:1. This makes the black bars (on a 4:3 television) is not so great.

See synonymous:
DVD picture standards (something herunterscollen: image)


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