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Frage von witty:


I hope someone of you can help:
I have a DVD with gymnastic exercises. There are about 40 exercises to dial with 5 menu items include "stretching", "back", etc.
Same exercises come in different "chapters", so it must therefore give any links within the menu item (eg, stretching, ...).

I now have the first time all VOBs demuxed, but does not know now what VOB / mpg what exercise I think.

=> Is there a tool with which I can look at the different operating modes as
Menu "stretching"
VOB_1 frame 1-9000
VOB_7 frame 2000-3000
etc ...

so I know where I can find what exercise, and I can Zusammenschneiden my DVD?

Thanks for any help


Antwort von Axel:

For a preview of individual chapters - only of the original DVD - is likely the VLC player. He can control Title and Chapter in the order they are in the VIDEO_TS folder (a DVD playing software) only via the menu in a desired order from the publisher. This order is not standardized, so that the true feature of both Title 01 as synonymous Title 12, etc. can be. Incidentally, a longer title may span multiple VOBs. A VOB can contain synonymous reversed several titles, namely those that are produced by different playback order of chapters one or more titles in the so-called stories, or playlists, as well at your sport-DVD seems to be.

When demuxing of course you lose the information about the chapter. Therefore, you must demux only if you have the desired chapter selectively extracted.

Question: What is the expense if it seems the interactivity of the DVD was good, with order for muscles and so? Well, but that does not concern me, every creature be Plaisierchen.


Antwort von witty:

Why do I want the whole?
I can not do some exercises, and to me (so without the hassle) menügedrücke "my movie" together :-)

this means that there is no tool that tells me:
there is 1 main menu with 3 sub-A A1, A2, A3
In A1, there are 3 chapters: A1a, A1b, A1c
A1b plays off VOB_1 xy frame, frame, etc. .... then from VOB_2 yz

I want to be with me only as cutter maran, I picked out the pieces that I need and mux again.

the whole dvd is very rugged, "" (30 VOBs, so I need to take a simple ...



Antwort von Axel:

30 VOBs? Since it will probably be s.einfachsten to open the vobs individually directly with the VLC, I would then tap once that sorting is already in the individual VOBs, with very komplizerter structure ensures the smoother connections. You would then have had the desired sort by laughter and singing, dancing and jumping, and would need only the allowed VOBs to your hard drive to load. Open your DVD, choose a VOB, right click and I set to open all these files with the VLC, then you have the fast durchgescratcht 30th
However, if you are unlucky, 27 are any announcements, the owner signs Menufilme, stupid, transition animations, etc., and in the last 3 exercises are all VOBs. Even then, however, shows you the VLC, which chapters you may omit.


Antwort von witty:

I looked at my vlc player.
I can of one title and then jump into any chapter. An information, in what is VOB file of the movie just do not get me ...

I clicked on the DVD including 69 tracks and a lot of chapters! Without a list, which plays the menu item title / chapter, I will probably not reach its destination as fast!

Any idea how I rausbekomme be called the title / chapter when you run the various menu items? When authors can I set the sequences synonymous yes - you can not see them after the making?

Thank you for support!


Antwort von prem:

The visualization would not help you because the links probably no reference to "latissimus stretching. The necessary raw material (for whatever identify VOB), by chapter, with the VLC, and author extahieren new.


Antwort von Sounman:

Take VOB EDIT 0.6

is the principle of self-clarification


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