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Frage von emoceantv:

I'm new here and just hope that this contribution is to go there and that I can be one of you to be ...

I have a menu created with dvd pro ... It consists of a 3.5 h long m2v file that I have divided into 38 chapters + a 10min long m2v file to the 39th chapter.
I have all already been exported easily to a double layer dvd! now it was decided, however, to the 39th chapter (the short file) to kick out. So I have simply deleted all the shortcuts and the chapter entfert ...
now when I click on burn, however, is always the following error message:

"Format failed

the format has failed. Layer 0 exceeds the maximum size. Please set the mark so that this condition is supported. "

after I asked myself, I read that you should put a chapter marker and seems to switch it to "switch between two layers ...
although I do not do the first time I had tried it but it always comes back the error message of the above or an error message about is this:

"Layer-0 can not be larger than layer 1"

None of this is otherwise known in the business program and I am so slow under time pressure ... the hammer might be better if one can help me here !!!!!!!!!
Thank you in advance!


Antwort von Axel:

Not that I would come in one of these fixes already times, but I remember from the manual (and in older literature) that it caused can be usdurch the DVD specification itself, only 36 buttons per menu, you then 38 or 39 chapter only drive anyway ">> I" could.

And I remember that in the information window (bottom right) of the DVD, second tab, a checkbox for "Automatic shift change" (sounds like job cuts in the Ruhr area), and though something is "without interruption".

If you plant the point, however arbitrary, the second part of his little, I would interpret the message.


Antwort von emoceantv:

that I may use a maximum of 36 keys can I exclude, since I have a DVD schonmal exported ...

I seem to have now hammer out ... but in any case, the multiplexing now worked without the error message has appeared and Studio Pro "format" just ... hope it works ^ ^

but maybe I sign the same again ...
anyway thanks in advance!


Antwort von Kino:

Even if I do not even know this problem, I read here once of a problem with the DL-shift changes.

Carry it there synonymous Links (Tomsky posting) next, which I did not read all. Perhaps' something there, that can solve your problem. In particular to note the changes to Project PAR file to delete (s) would be, possibly a first approach.

Would be grateful if you would share with us the final "Resolutiondes puzzle.


Antwort von Jott:

On the topic of everything is detailed in the manual (vs. automatic. Manual layer break). But if it's now synonymous so went, it's good.


Antwort von emoceantv:

thanks for the quick reply and zahllreichen!
I'm not quite sure what it was now ... I just rumprobiert, here's a tick as a set and taken away: S
but I am absolutely synonymous boar in relation to the program ... 'm just glad it was now!
Thanks again!


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