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Frage von mdr:

I created a DVD in which I have two different videos with 5 different languages.

It stratet in a main menu where I can select the language menu and the two respective films.
I can activate voice menu, I then jump einzelden languages and then back to the main menu to select the particular film.

The fuktioniert so far everything in the simulation. But when I export it and in a DVD player or VLC player to spin the most talked and do not activate properly.

On a few tips I would appreciate it.



Antwort von Axel:

There are 5 main menus, one for each language to the two shooting is highlighted. If no font is used, may be the image for each of the menus one and the same.

Menu1 = Sprachauswahlmenu (5 buttons)
Menus 2-6 = Titelauswahlmenu each with 3 buttons, for example:
Key1> Key2 Film1> Film2 Taste3> Language

There are two tracks with each 5 audio tracks. The tracks are connected with nothing, no crack end, no defined control keys. Each of the two tracks has also five stories.

Let's say a button of Menus4 (the third film of the 5 selection menus) to the English sound play of the first film. Target of the button would then track 1, Story3, Audiospur3.

In the individual stories do you define, which should lead to menu and jump button to what end and the FB-button "Menu".


Antwort von mdr:

Thank you for prezise answer.

The stories go with the great and fuktioniert next synonymous to the simulation without any problems.

I will export it again and hope it works. : P



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