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Frage von MKPruefert:
März 2011

Hello out there

I do not know if I'm really stupid.

I am making a DVD with 10 videos in 6 languages - I can not create its own language for each video clip, then bursts the DVD.

I have (defines the title menu I've adjusted the language accordingly, so have every title in the menu 6 languages) is a language selection menu with 6 buttons and then two title menu with 5 buttons each.

I made a script with which I "Set System Stream" assigns the appropriate audio track - but I will just mad because I was the branch target "Jump" then you can specify only the title menu, but not which language, it will land that is always in the German menu, then plays the videos but good from the correct (foreign language) audio track.

How can I show on DVDSO fact that it displays in a language appropriate title menu. have something on the SPRM 0 - read value, but I can not set by script.

What can I do?

I thank you for your help


Antwort von Axel:

Quite honestly, the script commands are like the "graphical representation" of the DVD, in which very quickly lose track of what (the presentation was supposed to deliver) is lost and to make logical errors. And there are very few positions where you need a script really. The of you described is not among them. The answer is here .

Antwort von MKPruefert:

Thank you Axel for the quick response - this does not work unfortunately.

I meet so no Sprachauswah after I enabled the film but before - now I can in the key qualities he say to with to play the foreign-language audio track - then I could make more voice menus - but he then jumps back into the German menu - The frustet.

Thank you and best regards


Antwort von Axel:

"MKPruefert" wrote:
- But he then jumps back into the German menu - The frustet.

Apart from the fact that I have in the last ten years probably geauthoret about 150 DVDs so and I'm sure that this very simple method works, I guess still your fault. There is probably that you have given throughout the track or the track itself: "Leap Date: Menu1 (or what, is German). Or do the same command for a script you write.

Antwort von MKPruefert:

Hi Axel,

sorry, you did not connect on their toes, I have no doubt that almost everyone here in the forum know more than me and if you are so experienced in the authoring, I am glad that thou hast taken my - I do not Raff.

've Checked, is not the case, no jump target defined :-(

Does this perhaps, but I have to create for each language version of its own independent title menu (and not invest in a title menu 6 languages, as described of Apple)?

Bin you for your repeated help greatly appreciated.



Antwort von Axel:

"MKPruefert" wrote:
Does this perhaps, but I have to create for each language version of its own independent title menu (and not invest in a title menu 6 languages, as described of Apple)?

Oh, so you test that? I remember that you can to the main menu one language, so for example German, English or Spanish permanently assign. Depending on which default language is set to your standalone player (or your Mac, for that matter) is then automatically the right menu (in your case, probably the German) is displayed. This is of course synonymous a script, one that the SPRM 0 value of the player that reads, but none for the script you "You can have new." How it works with Purchase DVDs. You've probably got it right.

Ultimately, of course, you have to create it for each language version is a menu extra, unless the information in the menu would be non-verbal (aircraft icon of travel, pink hearts for erotic scene, i for information). The advantage of this method is that the language need not be auto fit and selected.

Antwort von MKPruefert:

hmm ... I thought it synonymous ever - but it's supposed to be synonymous possible to switch to a language, although the player has a different language set on the system side, otherwise one could indeed synonymous save the language selection function ...

I'm going to try the following:
I solve out the various languages from the common menu and make it individual menus, then maybe I should not define synonymous languages, but the choice to be "undetermined" if you can.

Per script I'll try then that the user is not on a default menu back but falls back to the from which he has selected the clips I've ever seen something equivalent to a training DVD.

What do you think of this?


Antwort von Axel:

I once used scripts and indeed to different animated button states that were as Multi Angle in a converted track to the menu with Button Highlights of making taxable. Took me two weeks. Since then, I try only to make the simplest possible functional and DVDs. The language menus are basically all made sense. Maybe you're just tangled up with the script.
On the last point: Do you have a story in Finnish, one of six, instead of on a track, can you determine their behavior without script completely independent. The result is the same, but the Project is clear.

Antwort von DWUA:


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